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I don't want to get into the debate of whether diet and cleanses work or not. So this is not for skeptics. I have no time and am offering one thing that has made the difference in my skin after years of treatment for myself with meds and wholistic methods for acne. For those of you who would like to add to your cleansing routines I suggest you add artemisinin. This discovery for me was after treating for a breast cancer threat. The surprise for me was the deep cystic acneic pockets in my skin came up to the surface and then healed. These pockets in the skin are called sinus tracts and never leave. They harbor various strains of p.acnes bacteria and demodex mites.

I have a few areas left that I am clearing out but my skin is has never looked better, no bumps anymore. No refilling of these pockets. If you do this tx your skin will get worse then better then worse then better, until these are completely emptied. I have used this for 3 months and no return in the areas that are completely healed and they have been there for 35 years. . The herb is an oxidant so it acts on iron cells that are high in iron receptors, ie cancer cells so you all should do your research on this please to see if this is a method for you.

For those who are using wormwood in their cleanses just use this instead. However artemisinin reaches its endpoint of effectivness after 5-7 days. So you would do one week on one week off. During the week on you don't want to take any supplemental antioxidants, foods high in iron or vitamins with iron. If you have anemia then this is not the herb for you.

This can be customized to ones own needs but remember the basics I have given. For example I use 300mg/ night all at once instead of 3 X/day. I found this routine worked well with my diet ,other cleansing methods and daily activities. However I was treating for cancer so one may only need 100mg/ day OK?

Hope this can help some of you. Kind regards

I use Hepalin 100mg from www.hepalin.com this is the pure stuff 100% active ingredient. There are others but this is the one used in research.

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