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do i really need surgery????

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hey all. first off i got dark patches from old acne... it really bothers me because ive had them for damn near 3 years and i've tried almost anything.... 2 i got scars, very very mild, maybe 9-10 pore sized tooth pick scars...is there an inexpensive thing i can do, or if i had surgery what would i had to to do? they're nowhere deep, but geez i just want them gone or to look gone...you know? and the last is... my skin looks ROUGH. i mean u know how some people like yourselves got that that even, nice texture? i dont have it.. is there some lotions i can take? i tried Vitamin E but it causes me to break out.. please help me... bye


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hey stance, i wonder if u wanna try some PHA pdt? they are a newer generation from the initial AHAs but are milder and sort of non-irritating...how abt u read up abt it?

from my understanding, mild applications of AHA will help skin regeneration, basal layer thickening, makes skin smoother and in the long run can help reduce dark scars. but i worry it may exacerbate, or provoke an outbreak... but how abt some mild lactic acid? it is a milk derivative that is the main ingredient for pple who use milk facials, producing smooth, milky skin....

you can try to read up more on these and decide..

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