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2.5 weeks of treatment....

Well, I hereby claim this as a legitimate miracle. Even after sprouting a few ugly bumps during the time I was sick and on antibiotics, they have healed *much* more quickly than they would have, otherwise and the rest of my skin has been very forgiving of the few days of neglect. Additionally, I can now put products on my face that would have at least caused black-heads if not outright breakouts and my skin doesn't so much as hiccup. I've been using a thick self-tanner on my face for several days and I don't see so much as ONE clogged pore.

OTOH, after I was done with my "sick" antibiotics for several weeks, I went back on the minocycline I had been taking before. Ooops! Within a few days my face and throat area resembled that of a snake ready to shed its skin. So I cut my minocycline doses in half, and am using a little less bp each night and mixing it with a little aloe vera. My skin has improved and looks terrific. I *still* have 3 stubborn bumps on my jawline that I may just have to get cortisoned, but until I can keep my heavily-creamed right hand away from the right side of my face (hard to do when I'm asleep) I'll probably always have a little more trouble there than the rest of my face. Oh, well, can't have everything, and I'm darned happy with what I have now!!!! thx, Dan,

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