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ATTENTION all you BRITS wanting a Vitamin K cream!

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Ok, I am NOT entirely sure this is the same thing but I have found a company that is in the Channel Islands (Jersey) and they have a cream called K-Clear... it is full of Vitamin K... on their website it says it is to reduce veins... I have emailed them and asked them if it is for blotchy skin/acne scars too. Am waiting to hear back from them. It IS a U. S. type product though (it says in the brochure). Price is £8.78 and the website is www.woodshealth.com and the product is under the 'older people' part or something.

Will let you know when I hear back from them but it would be COOL if it WAS the same thing as it is much cheaper to get it mailed from there than the States!

Bye for now! :wink:

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YAY!!!! It sure looks like this cream IS the business! I got an email back saying it is just a vitamin K cream and should work fine. If it doesn't work you get your money back! Sure worth a try! SO I am going to order it. Only £8.78 or whatever... must be worth it and a lot cheaper than getting it off a site in the States. WOW, a vitamin K cream in the UK!!!:evil:

Let me know if you have problems finding it on the website I posted in my first message. Bye for now!!!

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Hey there, Rob

um... yeah would love to help but I am not sure how to go about posting a link! I am not entirely a computer illiterate woman but somehow this has got me stumped! I went to the website and to the K cream but the address was still www.woodshealth.com with no added bits! It's probably me being an airhead!

ANYWAY, it is easy to find. Go to the site and click on Products then scroll down to MATURE LIFESTYLE (yes, really) then scroll down to the K-Clear cream that they say is for veins.. which it is as well. Then go from there. I JUST this minute ordered it online... there's quid posting added on, but it is still under £10! They say it's a sale at the moment, so get ordering! :)

Hope this is a help! Sorry for being a little lame! :?

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