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okay im kinda new to this board but what the hell,

i dont have much "cystic" acne, but im plagued with mild to moderate acne that is sooooooo persistent. i have tried all the stupid topicals ( i.e. retin-a, bp, ), and oral antibiotics including tetracyclin.... but the zits keep coming. I was wondering if you get any breakouts of non-cystic acne and what you do for that type of acne? ummm- thanx and hope u stay clear, im amazed and baffled though and dont see how you could stay clear, but maybe ill give your regimen a try? cool.gif - plz post your thoughts -stan

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Hello I am inspired by your story. I suffer and my life suffers too bc of this horrible condition. I was wondering what would you recommend for a woman if they wanted to try your regimen? My face is so dry and it is bc of the meds I use. Any advice? and by the way how did you get rid of your redmarks? thanks red evil.gif

Good evening ladies and gentlemen of all ages. I am a 22 year old white man from New Jersey who is now on vacation in the Carribean. I like most of you had these things happen to me:

1. Obsessive spending (more like wasting) of valuable time and energy in front of a mirror, touching, looking at and despairing at my pimples.

2. Not wanting to go out with friends and shying away from women because of my perceived "flaw".

3. Moments of depression and distancing myself away from social situations.

4. A feeling of loathing for myself.

5. Hours upon precious hours wasted searching for websites about acne and searching for a miracle product that would heal me of this plague.

6. Not doing my homework or keeping up with my studies because I felt that it was futile...that ugly people don't deserve nor need academic success.

7. Staying up until 4 am almost every night a prisoner of my thoughts, and a victim of a sinking feeling that would chain me to the very depths of depression in a dark chasm where the souls of the damned would walk and wail their songs of terror, fear and loathing.

These things are most thankfully now in my past and I commemorate the winning of my struggle here before you all for whom my heart reaches out in endless compassion.


I want to say that the backbone of what I do is Dan's regimen, except;

1. I do not use moisturizer.

2. I use 10% BP

3. I use it only one time per day which is before going to bed.

Here is what I do.


1. Wash my face thoroughly with thickly lathered DIAL brand antibacterial bar soap. Not the liquid, the bar.

2. I apply the best make-up that I have ever found to hide any remnants of my shallow acne scarring. I have tried Dermablend, I have tried coverblend, but not a single thing has helped  as much as CLINIQUE brand Superfit liquid foundation make-up. My skin is fair so I use a color called champagne. With this on, I look absolutely flawless and have a raging surge of confidencee in everything that I do. I not only look people in the eye I positively glare at them.

Now mind you I am a he-man type guy so please don't make anything big of my use of make-up. It is a psychological necessity for me to look flawless, even though I can tell you in all honesty, at this stage, I have not one single pimple on my face and the horrible red marks that plagued me

are now almost gone. But almost just isn't good enough for me so I use make-up.

Now comes the actual meat of my regimen.


Procure the following items:

1. Gillette Mach 3 razor.

2. Gillette Foam Shaving cream (not shave gel mind you but the foam. It should come out of the aerosol can as a white colored, whipped-cream like foam). I prefer lemon-lime scented in the green aerosol can.

3. One 20 piece package of Wash n' Dri brand moist disposable antibacterial towelettes.

4. A small bottle of OXY 10% BP cream. This is their Maximum strength formulation. Make sure this is the vanishing cream and not the tinted cream.

5. A small bottle, maybe 1/2oz. of Oil of Bitter Almond, commercial grade. I get mine from www.selectoils.com

This is a highly keratolytic and highly burning substance and must be used with the utmost caution and respect. Don't worry about it containing prussic acid because all of it  has been removed from their product. it's main component is naturally occuring benzaldehyde, a compund that is not too far off from resorcinol. And we all know how powerful resorcinol is. Consider this liquid resorcinol. It will take even the largest hardest bump and bore a hole in its tough hard outer layer that will allow BP to go raging down through to the site of the god-awful bacteria. And it has not caused any peeling or damage to my skin. The redness that is caused goes away within an hour and definitley overnight forr me.

6. Bye-Bye Blemish, drying lotion. 1 oz. container. It contains 10% sulfur , 2% salicylic acid and it also contains camphor. It is mild and gentle and further aids the keratolytic process for me, as well as having what I feel is an antibiotic property with the sulfur.

7. Dial antibacterial bar soap. I use the regular yellow kind.

Here's what I do:

1. First I wet my face thoroughly under a running stream of warm water.

2. After having thoroughly wetted my face I thickly lather my Dial bar soap and proceed to wash away the make-up of the day with my bare hands. In the process I also wash the skin and medicate it with the soap's antibacterial ingredients. I then rinse off thoroughly but do not towel dry my face. My skin is now prepared for the application of shaving cream and for subsequent shaving.

3. I have found shaving to be of vital importance since it seems to me that it makes my skin smoother in the long run, and it sloughs off dead skin layers that in my opinion have a pathogenic effect on skin in general. I take my Gillette shaving foam (lemon-lime scented) and I cover the whole face with it that needs shaving. I then proceed to dip my Gillete Mach 3 razor in alcohol for 30 seconds, wash off the alcohol under a faucet stream and proceed to shave my face using confident strokes. When I had pimples I would not care if I cut a pimple. I would simply shave on confidently and it has worked for me. I knew that those cuts would heal quickly and I don't suggest hemophiliacs to do this.

4. After having shaved the face to perfection, and I do use downward and then upward strokes in the lateral cheek area near the sideburns, and the T-Zone, I proceed to wash my face with water from the faucet, preferably warm. I then dry my face with a towel. Don't obsess about the towel being a fresh one.

5. After having towel dryed my face it is now time for me to apply the Wash n' Dri antibacterial wipe. I take one out of its package and unfold it completely. I then proceed to wipe my whole face and especially my acne-prone areas with it. This in my opinion works for me becaue it contains a small percentage of benzoic acid as its acive ingredient as well as benzalkonium chloride. First let us consider benzoic acid. In benzoyl peroxide, the BP molecule degrades into peroxide ion and benzoic acid. Both are potent killers of acne bacteria. What I am basically doing is adding benzoic acid in its ready form direclty to the face, and let me tell you it makes a wonderful aftershave for me. The benzalkonium chloride contains benzoic acid and chloride ion. We know how important chloride is in killing germs, it is used in pools as hypochlorite.  it is also the antibacterial component in saline solution. I let this stuff sit on my face for 2 minutes and then pat dry it with a towel.

6. Now after having administered the wipe, I bring out the big gun. I take a Q-tip and insert its cotton component slightly maybe 20% of the way in the oil of bitter almond. I apply this oil of bitter almond very carefully to the blemishes. I only use this on the blemishes and I try to avoid getting it on surrounding skin becaue it burns intensely. If some drips down my cheek or something like that I withstand the pain because I am quite strong in my resistance to pain and I let it pass. Apply it to the blemish and to the blemish only. DOn't glob it on because if yiou do it will spill down your face and cause you pain.  I never apply it near my eyes or under my nose. I feel the strong keratolytic burning within 15 seconds. It is quite intense and for some may even be too much. I would definitely recommend allergy testing yourself for this stuff before using it for anything. What I notice is that within 45 seconds the spots where I aplied the bitter alomind oil have become bright bright red. It is at this stage that I move on to the next step.

7. I apply 10% benzoyl peroxide in generous globby quantities to my entire face, and I smooth it out and apply much the way Dan applies it so that it is nearly vanished when I am done applying it. I leave no area of the face untouched. I then put a small tiny dab of BP on each individual blemish. I then wait 5 minutes and then smooth those dabs out with my finger to expose the blemish. I then take the final step.

8. I apply the Bye-Bye blemish dying lotion on top of the BP treated blemish, and I spot treat only the blemishes and not the non acneic skin.

I then wait for ten minutes and go to bed. I feel free to move my face about any way I want and to let it touch the pillow if I choose at this point.

9. I awaken in the morning and doing the morning face wash and make-up application. It is vitally important to use the soap to wash off the stuff from your face and not just plain water. If you just use plain water, the make up will gunk up on you and not look perfect.

10. I look forward to a series of two or three Jessner peels to finally take away any reason at all for me to use foundation, though I must say it really is no bother to use it.

11. I use no oral or topical antibiotics, no differin, azelex, retin-A, retin-A micro, or anything of the sort.


Diet is important in the long term control of acne, in my case. If I ingest any chcoloate my body reacts by giving me acne. Alas I have turned my back on chocolate.

Also, BRUSH YOUR TEETH three times a day, and use listerine or some other antibacterial mouthwash each time. If you go for days without brushing, the bacteria in your mouth will in my opinion lower your immune response and take attention away from the face and give too much to the mouth. Keep the bacterial counts in check and I believe a greater portion of the immune system will dedicate itself to fighting the acne.


I am happy as a clam. The biggest, meanest, nastiest, hardest cysts and nodules have succumbed to this therapy that I have discovered for myself. I feel like a new man who has had the breath of life blown back into him. I am always happy now. I feel very confident around women. I know how to love someone and how to be loved in return. I have started becoming interested in natural bodybuilding. I am now able to be a joy to be around and have greatly increased my circle of friends and acquaintances. I no longer sit in front of that wretched mirror entertaining the "O woe is me!" thoughts of my misspent past five years. I no longer hunt the internet for panaceas. I now enjoy studying.

In short, my creative potential is now free to grow and learn and play.

I wish to express my affection and concern for all in here who are players in this great struggle that is acne. We may never know why we were given this cursed affliction, but I do know that there is a way out. There is a blessed way out for me!  Goodness and mercy has been bestowed upon me from some higher power and love and warmth fill my days now. It is a joy to be alive.


As hard as this may be..... if you are a person who notices that when they eat a certain food that they get pimples, I urge you to stay away from that food. Pretend like it no longer exists and have it once every blue moon. For me that food is chocolate. Remember that my regimen deals with the problem once it has manifested as a pimple. To forego a pimple causing food is ever more valuable as it is prevention. If there are no blemishes on your face,then the almond oil is not necessary.

And how long have I been on this regimen? All of one month! I already saw results from day 3! I saw my large had noduoles disappear without a scar in one and a half weeks.

Much love, and much good will to the people at this forum. You are truly blessed that you may have a cause, that you may have a struggle that you may overcome it and learn what it is to be human and what it is to WIN.


I am not a doctor, and the views expressed in this writing are solely my own. Anything written in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and all of this information is offered as an anecdote of what worked for ME. What worked for me might not work for you and might even cause you harm. You do anything written about in this post at your own risk and neither I nor this webisite are liable for any damages that are physical or monetary or otherwise that may or may not happen to you in connection with the information in this post.

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First let me reply to Stan the Man. The regimen works for both cystic and non-cystic acne. And stay away from froods that cause your acne. Don't believ the rubbish that food has nothing to do with it, it does! Remember this regimen though it works is just aspirin and band-Aids, it will take away your zits butnot their source. And you must be RELIGIOUS with it.

Second let me reply to Redhot:

Stop it with the moisturizers. Stop it with all the crap you use. Simply make a clean break from it all and try out this regimen. The regimen if used mut be used as I outlined it and not with any other products you've beeen using. Get over your fear of washing your face with bar soap, it is a must. Now about the red marks: the only sure way to get rid of them is a Jessner's peel. Google the net for that. The oil of bitter almond acts like a slightly weaker version of the Jessner's peel and takes away red marks to some extent. And I use make-up. By the way, why would you QUOTE my ENTIRE HUGE POST? Please don't.

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Thanks for sharing your regimen in great detail... also, glad you found a regimen that works so well for you!

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Thank Dan, he's the man... I just helped make the design. This is a good place to share regimens though...

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Hey all, yeah I meant day 16 since starting the thread. Now today is day 19 and all is still perfect.

I get my bitter almond oil at www.selectoils.com. I'm going with the pure grade next order, it's more powerful.

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funny shit these forums. who cares if u broke out yesterday or whatever lol. ppl should just come here for some information. godd.. Without a doubt, the funniest one was the thread about Dan's acne. Some guy was updating his condition.. like omg doesnt he have something else better to do than updating some dudes acne?

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