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Accutane Mysterys

Are you happy with your Accutane Results?  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with your Accutane Results?

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Ok people, let's sort this out. To everyone out there who has gone a course(s) of Accutane, answer this question for me. Are you happy with the results of this medicine, and why?

Please, this poll will be a big help to everyone who is considering this medicine.

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I only took it because my skin was oily and my pores were enlarged because of the oil. I never had bad acne...only a couple of zits here and there. My derm said accutane is the only thing that helps with all of that. I took 40 mg a day for 6 months and although no zits, my skin looks like shit! I have red marks on my cheek and SCARS :D scattered about from who knows what! I only got bad acne when I started taking accutane from the breakout (which was mostly one my right cheek) The other scars are a mystery! I had one chicken pock scar when I started accutane and now I have about 15! All I can say is... I really wish I never took it! I could've handled the oil and large pores! I can't handle the scars on top of that!

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I did mention that I had large pores and a few zits here and there, so it wasn't just for the oil. I said I never had bad acne, never cystic by any means. The derm just felt that accutane would help shrink the oil glands and refine the pores a little, all while getting rid of the few zits that popped up here and there. It's not a strange case at all...I've heard of people taking accutane that didn't have cystic acne, but very mild acne. In fact, the derm and the nurses said they see people all the time that take accutane for mild acne and for smoothing the skin. Maybe they're accutane happy or something.

BTW, tranceowns, who's your derm? I live in Utah (Springville), too, and your derm sounds like a good one from what I've read on your past posts.

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The only reason i posted no was because im only on the 3rd month and i have yet to see any results other then hella dry skin. But i think that i will be happy in the long run so im gona vote on a diff comp yes also

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i underwent a coarse of accutane and i am very glad i did :). my acne has almost healed completely up and i have had little to no lasting side effects. not even dry lips. i now only wash my face dayily with purpose and i use lotion every night. THANK GOD FOR ACCUTANE!!!!!!!

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Thank you Marc for coming to this forum and not forgetting the people who are still suffering from this debilitating disease.

no thanx 8)

thanx to you as well :)

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Accutane did not work for me. Sure it did while I was taking it but soon after (say 4 months) my skin had returned to exactly the same state it was before I took the drug. I must say I think that Roche does exaggerate its success rates.

However I would have no hesitation in recommending it for anyone else with mild, medium and especially severe acne resistant to OTC treatments. That is if you are cogniscent to all the risks (potential long term, and short term side effects) and have a derm prepared to prescribe it. You just have to try it for yourself...it does competely clear some people and the sooner you can find out whether you are one of the "lucky ones" the better.

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"accutane doesn't really work until later in the months i would be happy if it worked alot faster"

Dang, talk about greedy! Most people search for years for a way to effectively treat their acne, and ur gonna complain about a few months to have completely clear skin.

And to all the people who complain becuz their acne came back after 6 months, year, wutever....think about how great it was being acne free for a year.

people are too greedy these days....



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I'm voting for my daughter. She's on her 4th month, and has turned the corner this week. Her progress has been:

Month1: good

Month2: bad

Month3: bad

Month4: looking good

All in all, it's definitely an improvement. Back acne is completely gone. That alone makes it worth it. Forehead and chin look perfect. Cheeks are recovering from a pretty bad breakout, but that seems to be calming down. I of course haven't had to put up with the side effects, but I think she's happy.

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