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Tazorac Log 1-12wks

I figured it would just be easier for me to just post once. so here it is....

My regimen: Tazorac .05% at night, Duac topical gel in the morn, Bactrim antibiotic ( 1 capsule and night and in the morn)

Week 1 - No considerable difference. Still getting some acne. Old ones starting to dry up and wash away. Face is really oily. I have to wipe my face off during the day because my face would be to shiny. But other than that, no major improvement.

Week 2 - Face is getting really dry. I had to lay off a couple nights because my face would get too flaky and irriated. I put on moisturizer in the morning which helped in the healing process. Still gets a bit oily in the day even when its like 30 degrees outside. Getting some pimples where i have never gotten any before, but thats what this medicine does. It brings all the crap in your pores to the skin so they can be washed away.

Week 3 - The flakyness is dying down. Less and less acne everyday. My face got a bit red from the cold weather. Thats one thing that effects acne when its dry and flaky, is the cold wind. Other than that, pretty good progress.

Week 4 - Very bad week. Got many new pimples. Skin still pretty oily. My isnt dry anymore just really oily. The only good news is that the old scars are starting to fade away.

Week 5 - Well survived last weeks breakout and my face doesnt really have any active acne. My face isnt that oily like it used to be. Face seems to be a bit red still but nothing too embarressing.

Week 6 - Well just another bad week. More new acne came up and my face is really flaky now but my face isnt as oily anymore. Hopefully this is my last breakout.

Week 7 - Still getting some more new pimples but they go away in about 2-3 days. Flakyness is starting to go away.

Week 8 - Well i stopped getting pimples and my face is starting to heal. My face isnt oily and flaky anymore. My face has adapted and its going good.

Week 9-12 - I just compiled these weeks together cause there pretty much the same. Maybe 1-2 new pimples a week but go away in a day or so. My face is less oily and dry. If it werent for my red spots leftover from previous breakouts i would have a nice clear face.

Overall, this stuff has worked wonders for me. If anyone has any questions, please email at [email protected]

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