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How do i get rid of big pimples?

Hi guys, i just went to the docter and she gave me Dalacin and Retin-A, rightnow i dont have alot of pimples, just one big one, my question is that if i apply the Dalacin on it... will it flatten the pimple down or is the antibiotic is to prevent future acne, i just dont want to get red marks... if anyone can tell me what i need to flatten the Zit without waiting for it to come to a head or dried it off, greatly appriciated.


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I have tried so many things but the thing that works for me without causing red marks is Niacinimide Cream or Gel. You can get it with a prescription (it is Vitamin B, that is all, Niacin) or if you have no compounding pharmacy, you can get it through acnemiracle.com. I have never bought stuff through acnemiracle.com but their prices and products seem to be A plus.

If you put it on, especially at night, and let it dry for about a half to an hour so it does not end up on your pillow, it works on emerging pimples and especially works on those big cystic ones! The best stuff and not irritating. I find the less I put on my face, the better. The Retin A did not work for me, caused redness and irritation. This stuff does not. I read about the niacinimide cream on a website I found thru acne.org, and I cannot thank the guy enough.


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