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Starting Accutane - is it OK to mix w.Zorac (tazarotene 0,1)

I used Accutane with topicals  

  1. 1. I used Accutane with topicals

    • NEVER!!!
    • with much consideration
    • I think it's OK
    • I would truly recommend it!
    • dunno


It's my first post to this forum (board) :lol: but I'm not new with this, I browse it now and then :wink:

Today I've gotten a prescription for Accutane (cuz my brother's gotten it a week ago or so, I'll be no worse :lol: )

Actually, I'm quite clear now (no cysts, red pimples etc, some whiteheads and 2-3 pustules but not very inflamed - thanks to Differin (5 months) and tretinoin (3 months of Acnemycin Plus). However I wanted to end up this shit :lol: completely and for ever and it occured to my why not give a try to Accutane (in Europe- Roaccutane).

And so, I went to Tarnow,PL and got my prescription (20 mg) - is it enough a dose for me (see above - my acne is hopefully under control)???

Even if it weren't, I couldn't afford more :cry:

A strange thing which I found out today is that I CAN (???) mix the Roaccutane with Zorac (Tazorac) at night. Has anybody any such experience with linking oral tretinoin with topical tretinoin???

Any answer would do PLEASE

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Hey dude

I dunno if I can answer your question but why don't you try the regimen for two months before going on Roaccutane. Just save your pills - I'm sure they will last two months. I was on Roaccutane and it cleared up my skin but about two or three months after I stopped it came back. This was 2 years ago and I still have mild acne. Hopefully this regimen works for me - it seems to have helped a lot of other people.

Anyway good luck and Do widzenia

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unfortuantely I've been on ALMOST all topical and oral regimens you ever can imagine (including short but unsuccesful regimen with bp Clearasil Ultra10 - it was too harsh and actually made my spots to look like volacanos ;-)))

I've made a research that it's only retinoids like Differin, tretinoin and Zoraz do the thing for me - and nothing else (including antibiotics).

I've alse found out on myself that my baaad former acne was in 70% ensued from picking and squeezing (my silly friends in high school told me to, which made it worse and worse). The best topical for me to work was Acnemycin Plus (Boot Healthcare) which is a mix of tretinoin and erythro.

So if only topical retinoids worked for me, it's also only oral retinoid that would work for me in long term (or clear without recurrences :roll: )

Moreover' I'm 25 now and i feel it's high time i resolved this matter altogether.

I have a prescription for making the proper tests (dunno if the "prescription" word fits but i was simply directed to do the tests :cry:

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god dag (it's meant to be Swedish :lol: )

oh shit!!!


the last time i read your message i didn't notice "Do widzenia" :lol::lol:

it's quite nice a thing to see someone out there know some Polish :arrow:

big thanks

aha, where are you from kragvark? (considering the nick - from scandinavia?? I was once in Scania(Sweden) and Kóbenhavn :cry:) beautiful areas and not so cold as i had thought before)

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Actually I'm South African. I know a bit of Polish form working with Poles in europe - very nice ppl. The nick comes from a form of Dutch that we speak here.

Have you started your Roaccutane yet?

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Yes, I've already started - I'm at day 4 now. After 4 pills my complexion hasn't yet gotten much drier, maybe a tine bit. Thanks to Zorac (as I think) I may be going to thwart the dreaded initial worsening :twisted: - I haven't noticed any worse breakout - just a few tiny whiteheads (unfortuanately near my nose - the skin is sooo sensitive there)

tomorrow gonna go to the medical examining center - must have my first tests (the liver, the lipidogramme and even urine test)

after my tests have come off very well I intend to ask my family doctor to prescribe a package of Roaccutane (My derm has prescribed me one) and gonna take 2 pills a day (40 g).

I HOPE (?) it's not going to ruin my liver and joints hmmm

ALL wish me LUCK :D

I made some calculations and I worked out that this dose after 6 months of use will give my body 7200 mg, which is 111 mg per kg of body weight. What do you think about it? Is it enough to prevent recurrences?

What moisturiser did you (people on or after Accutane) apply on a daily basis? I use vichy homme's MAG-C (i's kinda expensive and i wanna find a cheaper one but not clogging pores).

Did anyone use contacts when taking Accutane?

How did you manage the sun when taking the drug in summertime? (I love swimming :D )

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