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Hi to everyone!

I just wanted to start a survey of the three methods of scar reduction that I use to see how you combine these ones together and to see if you have remarks to my little "survey", I have to say I have superficial scars, rolling scars and even one ice pick scar:

Exfoliating methods : I use the glycolic acid at 30% every 5 days (only 3 times yet). Other methods to exfoliate would be microdermabrasion,tape peeling,laser,other peelings. What are your experiences with this methods?!

Creams and other light stuff that works because of the chemical ingredients: I currently use copper peptides serum (2 months), every night. Other cream would be elicina,... what can you recommend,what are your experiences?

Skin augmentation methods: I 've done self-needling one time on the scars that are deep (on the cheeks) . Other methods are Needling with Tatoo Gun, Subcision, Dermaroller,... what are your experiences here?what is best?

And how do you combine these methods? I suppose that the creams that are not so harsh can be used every day regardless of the other methods that you use. But what about exfoliating products and augmentation methods? What are your waiting time between these two braod methods, do you combine them,how long do you wait between peels,...?

thanks for all the answers, I hope every long-experienced user (and also everyone else,but please write how long you've been trying these things) of one or more of this treatments can post a little report about effectivness and combination possibilities here in this post!!!!

Good Luck to everyone!

Raffi (from Switzerland...if there is some user with good adresses near here!)

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