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A goal that seems simple to obtain

I may have gone to the extreme and started out on a strict diet along with a close watch on my face regimen, but so far it's working.

In the morning I drink One can of V-8, I cup of Oatmeal,w some suagar, 1 whole orange, and a glass of water. I also take a Multi-Vitamin, and Vitamin b-12, C ,E, and Ginseng tablets.

During school, I drink about 50 oz. of water. Any kind of water

At lunch, I have a breaded chicken patty with a half cup of brown rice and pieces of brocoli. I also drink a glass of water.

After Lunch, I drink more water.

After school I have a cup of wheaties without Milk, a can of orange juice, and another whole orange.

I exercise for about 2 hours, and then apply some Cetaphil cleanser to my face. This requires no water, and seems to really work well for me.

For Dinner, I have just about anything thats available to eat.

ALso i forgot to mention. I've been on Dan's regimen for about 9 months now, with roller coaster up and downs.

I've been Stricly on this diet, and following his videos precisely for about 10 days now, and its looking good.

one word of advice, Wash your pillow case once a week, or have a new one once a week, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT irriate your face in any way. This can be by scratching an itch or trying to pop a zit.

Another thing I do is I wash my hands with soap, after just about every activity I do.

Also, try not to touch your face or POP any pimples. Give them time to heal. Touching your face is the worst, at least it was for me.

This all may seem a bit extreme but Everything in these past 10 days have gone good, and im thinking its my new 10 day lifestyle.

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It's good that your going on a strict diet, but if you want to see strict take a gander at my bulking diet that I used for 6 freaking months 8)

Meal 1

•Custom Protein Shake Mix

•1 1/2 Cups Dry Oatmeal





Postworkout Shake

•2 Scoops Optimum Nutrition Protein

•50g Dextrose

•5g Creatine





Meal 2

•140g Strawberries

•9 Baby Carrots

•400g Russet Potato





Meal 3

•150g 85/15 Ground Beef

•1/2 Cup (dry) Brown Rice

•2/3 Cup Frozen Peas

•1/4 Cup Prego Sauce

•1 Tblsp Olive Oil





Meal 4

•Chicken Breast

•1 1/2 Cups Dry Oatmeal

•1 Med Apple

•1 Cup Orange Juice





Meal 5

•Turkey Breast

•1 1/2 Cups Kindey Beans





Meal 6

•Turkey Breast

•1 1/2 Cups Dry Oatmeal

•9 Baby Carrots





Meal 7

•3/4 Cup Liquid Egg Beaters

•XL Egg

•400g Sweet Potato






•1/2 Cup Night Formula

•2 Tablespoons Flax Seed Oil





Totals Workout





Totals No-workout





Yes I eat dry oatmeal, it takes approximately 24oz of water per 1 1/2 cups and 10-15 minutes average :cry:

BTW if iodine irritates your face, you might want to drop the broccoli, each head contains 50mcg of iodine.

It helped me obtain good results on the bb front and on my face.

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Holy Crap UbahOne, that's one hell of a diet. I currently just drink a GNC 2200 Calorie shake once a day, and eat a Mesotech protein bar after my workout. I lift every other day, and just try to eat bigger meals in general, with a lot of chicken breasts. Ive been gaining pretty regularly now. I was always skinny in junior/high school and could never gain weight, but over the past 2 months on this calorie shake, ive been getting pretty big...then again, its probally just puberty finally finishing off :D

So how much weight have you gained anyways?

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bleh 4k for bulking? weaksauce, that's close to maintenence for me ;p

cool to see someone else lifts here, even if it is bodybuilding :/

Lol what do you weigh 250lbs? Goofy powerlifters "I can lift more than you!" Well at least I don't have a 50% BF :D

Glad to hear your gaining weight somerandomock. I haven't taken a GNC weightgainer, but if its 2200 calories I'm assuming a ton of it is maltodextrin. You should take your shake immediately after your workout, it would be great for spiking your insulin.

I started out at 135lbs, gaining weight for me is like climbing fricking mount everest. I gained a total of 30 pounds during my 10 month bulking cycle (about 4 months of it were dirty bulking). But I retained roughly my same BF%.

But in contrast cutting is easy. 3 weeks into my CKD I've lost 15lbs.

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bleh silly bodybuilders who are extremely weak for their muscular size, who train to basically be in beauty pagens :D

oh btw i'm 232, 11% bf, not even trying to cut, 6'2.95". i'm not just a powerlifter, i'm a marine. my bodyfat is not allowed to go passed 18%. being a powerlifter does not make you fat. being a competitive powerlifter doesn't make you fat. Chuck Vogelpohl squatted 1000 lb at 220. i'm not a "powerlifter", i just train for strength, not beach muscles that can't put up weight. while bb'rs get their biggest excitement and sense of accomplishment from seeing abs, i get mine from adding that weight to my squat or bench. plus at 10% i can see abs, due to how important they are to lifting big, which is kind of ironic i guess.

squat 1rm yesterday for new pr of 505 :)


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] *pr

[email protected] miss

bp'd 405, my tri's need work before I try my first meet. :/

you? :D

btw, i have respect for pro bodybuilders, it still has to be lots of hard work. though it is kind of funny, they train in something that's so testosterone filled, just to enter such a estrogen filled thing like a beauty pagen.

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