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confessions of an acne product junkie.

ive been breaking out for a long time, for about 6 years now. I'm a girl with moderate acne, it is persistent and neverending! I have breakout mostly on my cheeks and chin, and have combination skin. Breakouts have been on and off, sometimes my skin is remarkably clear:D and other times-horrid :cry: . Here are some of the things ive tried and the results:

Over the counter:

Clearsil-This stuff worked for awhile, but i think my skin "outgrew" it, it seems that my skin develops a resistance to things.

Noxzema-no.way. this is terrible, pore-clogging gunk.

Oxy-my skin hates salycic acid. period.

camphor soap- i found this in an oriental supermarket. this stuff was soooo strong, it stripped the skin off my face after one use and left a ring around my eyes and lips.

aveeno oatmeal soap- this was good for awhile, but being the product freak i am, i eventually outgrew it and moved onto other things when i no longer saw results.

Proactive Solutions: I hear all the great testimonials and friends who swear by this stuff, but its just too much for my face. Too drying, too itchy, too much redness.

Murad Acne Complex-Forget it. I didnt like the "texture"? i think if i doesnt feel good to your skin, then it isnt any good. I felt alot of bad breakouts coming on and quit this stuff right away! Of course some may say its the whole "cleansing process"..you know, the initial breakout period when using new product, but ive come to believe that if it actually is a good product, the breakout will be minimal, and will heal more than hurt.


Acid peels: At $50 a treatment and product to keep up the skin, this got pretty expensive. I even had a jesner's peel ($250, but given to me for free) which is really good-after an intense acid peel, the top layer of my skin turned brown and started flaking off in large flakes. my skin felt renewed and fantastic, i saw results in 2 weeks! But this was too expensive.

And the acid peels, If i missed even one treatment, i broke out-bad. Even after 4-5 sessions, i still had to go back. tired of the spa bill, i stopped going. Plus, the "extractions" the facialist gave left me bleeding sometimes, for "cleansing" she told me. yeah right. it's important to find a reputable facialist. better yet, just see a dermatologist.


Its important to find a good dermatologist, i had no idea i wasnt being treated properly until i find a good derm. For example, my current dermatologist wanted to know everything ive tried and the results (among other questions like other breakouts, diet, lifestyle, etc) he explained to me (with visual aids and everything) how a pimple forms and effects of squeezing (which by this time i already knew). He then (according to info i gave) determined the best treatment. Then step-by-step explained what he was prescribing and exactly what each prescription was going to do to my skin. Also, proper washing and common sense things just to make sure he was covering all bases.

i could ask all the questions i wanted (can i still use my soap? what kind of moisturizer and when should i use it?) he was caring and patient and i didnt feel embarrassed at all. afterwards, the nurse even came in to recap about my new routine and show me the sample of the prescriptions.

Before other dermatologists before would just take one look at my skin and jot a prescription on their pad. That is not the way it should be done, you should leave feeling a little more confident and even eager to start your new treatment. if in doubt, ask.


Orthro Tri-Cyclen (birth control)-this is good after 6 months, and clear skin and baby-soft but i did gain alot of weight (just one of many other side effects, i eventually had to quit.)

retin-a micro-i peeled alot and broke out way too much. i couldnt handle it.

differin-irritated my skin, with minimal results.

tetracylcline-no real results.

I'm currently washing with Cetaphil (antibacterial w/ triclosan-though im thinking of switching back to purpose), moisturizing with vita k for blotchy skin, night- tazorac, day-benzaclin. antibiotics-minocycline (75g). i just started so i have yet to see results.

any questions or suggestions just ask!

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