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I've searched this site but can't find where to buy 100% tca acid for cross.

Please could anyone tell me a good place to buy it from?

I don't wanna buy it of ebay because someone on this site said it wasn't the right strenght.

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buy it off ebay, the people that say not to dont have actually proof its just scare talk, check Yavonne off ebay her pages have full info about what she's selling. all for about £10 or you could get it off the websites and pay £70 for no apparent reason

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Oh yeah and check all the feedback for TCA sellers on ebay and even message a few of the buyers like i did, no bad feedback, thats over 2000 people across 3 sellers, just cos it costs more doesnt mean its purer.

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see what i mean! people say dont buy it , then they dont say why! only one person said it wasnt the right strenght yet never showed where they got there information from or even why they believed other companies sold purer stuff.

this is off a seller on ebay

'This is the SAME solution used by Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons!

This Product is Certified by the ACS (American Chemical Society) as 100% Pure.

(Unbuffered and Contains No Dichloroacetic Acid) '

Now add that too , oh what, at least 2000 good feedback from people, who if you read there comments say 'good product' or 'really works' , thats a lot more first hand comments then the people on here. Its like when people go and pay 5 times more for treatments in Harley street when they could get the same stuff done other places in london for a lot less, people take comfort in high prices.

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100% is best, but it is very potent and can cause more damage with one wrong move. People are free to use what they want, but I don't see the harm in starting off with 50% to get the technique down and then moving up. Better safe than sorry.

As for Ebay, I *think* someone bought TCA off there and it was in some way bad. I can't really recall, but maybe someone else can.(?)

A lot of people on ebay are shady and I wouldn't trust my face to them, JMO.

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