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yay, my acne is almost gone! here r some things i've learned

After about 3 weeks of using Proactiv, my acne is almost completely gone. I've heard some of you say that it didn't work for you, but it has worked wonders for me.

I've actually missed one or two days of using it, and sometimes i've only used it once a day (instead of morning and night like you're supposed to).

I occasionally get cystic acne but not since i have started using it. I'm 20 years old and may be starting to grow out of it too since my acne is nowhere as bad as when I was 17 when i would have many cysts.

Anyway, it has made a DRAMATIC difference in the 3 weeks. I mean, dramatic! This is the first time in 3 years I am going out without a coverup.

I cleared my medicine cabinet of all the other crap acne products that haven't worked and hid them under my bed. I'm only using Proactiv now.

No more embarrassment when a girl spends the nigth and looks inside my cabinet to see it full from top to bottom of acne medicines.

Although some things have been tremendous help over the years...

1) Clean and Clear makeup sticks....they hide the acne on your face while treating it at the same time. I think they have like 2.5% BP or salicilic acid. I don't think they really helped my acne get better ever, but they do an amazing job of covering up and make my face look pretty clear when i wore it. And they don't clog your pores making them worse.

2)Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets....I know they're only very temporary fixes...since the oil comes back later, but if you're on a date, they're good when you go to the bathroom you can wipe your nose, forhead, etc. So you're face doesn't look like an egg was fried on it to your date.

3)Proactiv....the only thing that has really made a difference in my life. Never tried accutane, too scared of its side effects.

Anyway, my only problem now is my face is really just as oily a couple hours after i shower. I bought the Proactiv daily oil control, but i don't think it has made much of a difference.

I have also started taking 10G of B5 a day (just started yesterday) hopefully that will make a difference. Has anyone tried it yet? Anyway, I know I haven't posted a lot at this site but I have read a lot of posts and just want to thank you all for your help in making a difference. Hope everyone is doing well and i feel like throwing a party for you guys to celebrate! :cry:

I think i'll post some pics to show my progress.



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Glad to hear your finally getting clear, it's what most of us aspire to!

As far as the B5, don't be discouraged if you breakout within a week of taking the mega doses. It will pass soon enough, then in about 2 or so months you might be able to drop the proactiv if the B5 is doing you good.

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Hi jeff,

I'm glad to hear you found something that's working for you...Can I ask you about your experience with Proactiv? Did your skin start clearing up right away and did you experience any irritation?

I reaaaaally wish that stuff had worked for me, I was so counting on it! But after 4 weeks of using it my skin simply got worse. Oh well...

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i wish i had found this site a long time ago or discovered proactiv earlier.

Anyway, to answer your question...it pretty much stayed the same for the first week and then got gradually better...I would say the third week is the biggest improvement. I'm still getting a couple really small ones when I wake up in the morning, but my face looks great compared to the way it used to.

My only problem with it was the first week it made my face really red. It hasnt anymore. I'm sorry yours got worse after 4 weeks, I sure hope mine doesn't next week!

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Hey jeff

Do you know if those cover up sticks are available in the Uk.

Also this is probably the dumbest question ever, but what the hell is Proactiv and where can you get it? :oops:

Take it easy mate


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hey, here is a link for the concealing/treatment coverup sticks:



for proactiv go to http://www.proactiv.com

I recommend the 3 piece system (the cheapest one).

1. You use a renewing cleanser on your face in the shower

2. You use the revitalizing toner to hydrate your face when you get out

3. You use the repairing lotion on your face to fight acne all day or night

And you do these 3 steps morning and night. They really don't take more than 5 minutes all together so it's not a hassle.

I would say more but I gotta go to class.

And for the concealment/treatment strips, not sure where you can buy them online if you live in the UK, but I'll look for you when i get home today.

good luck!


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Anyway, proactiv is awesome and is used/endorsed by vanessa williams, britney spears just to name a few.

I looked and could not find a way for you to purchase the concealment sticks online, but you can order concealment sticks from proactiv.com

Not sure how well they work or if they will match your skin tone, but they have many different colors to choose from. Basically, the concealer/treater thing did nothing to help my acne get better, but it made my face look pretty clear and no one noticed i had it on. I seriously was not able to go out without it.

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I tried Proactiv and it sure as heck didn't work for me! My skin burned like hell and the scrub was irritating. It didn't work for anyone that I know and several of my friends and family members tried it and gave up on it. I guess it depends on the severity of your acne and hormones. Anyways, good for you that it works. Now do the smart thing and quit being a Gator fan. Everyone knows that USF is #1. :D

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