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today I watched a program on discovery health called "the body specialists" which is all about the latest cosmetic surgery techniques.

Today there was a guy on there and he had a procedure performed on him called "iclear light treatment" and the results were amazing.

it consisted of 10 treatments where thay shon this light onto his face and zapped his acne away, it cost him approximatly (aus)$1000.

has anyone heard of this?

is there something simyular available in the UK?

How would one go about getting this done?



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i did clearlight.. shelled out the $1000 bucks and all... i noticed abosolutely NO difference in my skin... waste of time... and money.... i wouldn't reccommend it to anyone... eusa_snooty.gif

but.. three cheers for accutane eusa_dance.gif

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Guest Craigems

DONT DO IT, iclear bluelight is shit. I did it ... it helped somewhat then bang i had the worst breakout ever i got driven straight to the derm where i was basically thrown on RoAccutane.

$1500 down the drain :/

They say it works real well on extremely light acne, but anything else its just a lethal cocktail for your acne to explode outta control.

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Thanks for the advice guys, it doesnt sound like its worth the money or the risk i'm sorry to hear that you blew all that money on the treatment only for your acne to get worse craigems, that really sucks.

You say it might work well on extremely light acne though, after 8 months with my current regimen i'd consider my acne to be mild but not EXTREMELY mild although it used to be moderate- bordering on severe, i just can't get over this last metaphoric hurdle maybe the light treatment would work for me but i'm not going to find out, i don't want to risk going back to square 1, that was sheer hell!!

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