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After Accutane Party!

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Well I am finally done with accutane..and i have not updated my old old post in awhile, nor my pics, its been 2 months since you probably saw up close pics of how it is. I should have some up soon, maybe ill get em up tonight, but who cares

I got off accutane i think jan 10, and i havent had a zit since, no oil has come back, and im hoping on the time i was on accutane that my hormones balanced out and they wont go insane as much anymore. I have a super smooth face and seems as I have come out with no scars except the red ones that i knew would stay there, and thats all youd see in my pics. Redness on the face, but i dont notice or really care anymore cause im happy with the smooth face and all, i cant even remember how it was with no marks on my face anymore lol.gif

Brief history:

months 1-2 = 40 mg, months 3-5 = 60 mg

First 2 months I broke out, broke out, broke out, until it finally got everything evil out of under my skin and stopped for a good while, until 4th month, then one or two would come each week, and the 5th month i didnt break out once, and still up to now no breakouts.

I am now on a face wash that helps with my redness, something made by Murad...its green...yea i cant remember what it is but its working for me, and its a nice feel to put it on and wash it off each morning and night eusa_eh.gif Just a suggestion if you ever see it out in a store.

Overall I am happy with the accutane experience, I knew the accutane wouldnt resolve the redness, so that doesnt count, but it sure did its job of clearing the active acne and keeping my face really smooth biggrin.gif


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