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B5 questions and other newbie thoughts

1. What will happen if you do not take a B Vitamin supplement with B5.

2. Has anyone's Doctor agreed with this self-medicating treatment (I'm asking mine about it on the 10th) and if so what did they say?

3. Will is have a reaction to minocin or make the minocin less effective?

plus for females:

I know minocin will negate the purpose of birth control pills, but I could not get an answer from my doc as to if it negates the effect of the Depo Provera shot. Has anyone else discussed this and received a satisfying answer.

Anyway thanx for the insight.

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1. Maybe nothing, maybe something. I know its recommended to avoid deficincies in supplies of other B vitamins, but I haven't been taking one and I'm on b5 for over 3 weeks now. I haven't had any problems. Maybe some of the unfortunate people who have had hair loss when taking B5 might have need one. I'm going to start taking one soon though, just to be safe.

2. Well its past the 10th now so what did your doctor say? I haven't heard of any serious medical objections to B5 use personally. If it was outright dangerous to use then you wouldn't be able to buy it without restriction.

3. Hopefully you will have asked your Doc this question too. I asked the same question here a few weeks ago and got no reply. Minocin was far too ineffectual for my liking, so I ditched it. If you're going to continue using both Minocin and B5 then I'd recommend spacing out the dosages at the very least.

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