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Help The Pimple Kid: Part I

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Hi, new to the board. I'm looking for advice for my skin and clearing the mess up.

Here's my story...

It all started a four years ago. I was in ninth grade. I had a beautiful face, but late in my freshman year I started to get little bumps on my forhead. They weren't red or anything, but they were noticeable if you looked closely (I assume their whiteheads? Agree?). After trying numerous over-the-counter medicines that didn't work, I went to the doctor. I got prescibed Benzocrimitine (sp?), the thick white gel. It kind of worked, and by sophomore year, it was mostly gone.

But when my junior year came rolling around, my cheeks started to breakout. And it wasn't good. Not only did the same clear white bumps come down (whiteheads?), but I was getting red ones too.

Soon enough, I was prescribed two medicines. One was Tretinum gel (sp?) and Duac. Both didn't work, and just left me with dry, red, and irritated skin.

It was then my cousin gave me advice. He told my about minocycline. And since the guy goes to Tuff, I took his advice.

I've been on minocycline for about a month and a half. And while the reddish pimples are going away slightly, those dang little white bumps (whiteheads I presume won't go away).

Here's my question, I'm going to the doctor Wednesday to ask her about some prescriptions...

1) Knowing my situation now, what should I do?

2) Is minocycline worthless?

3) How the hell do you get rid of these stupid whiteheads?

4) How do you guys deal with this crap? I don't know about you, but I'm about to give up hope and go nuts.

Thank you.

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I totally feel you....once upon a time i had the most beautiful porcelan skin..the envy of many...and all i had to do was wash it twice a day with noxema. then puberty hit at sixteen....grew some nice boobies and hips to go with it..but NOT without a fucking price...i got also pimples to boot!!! mainly on my tzone then...and it was the small red ones..no biggie..i thought i'd grow out of it too as the myth goes...however...as i grew up it progressively got worse...and not only that...as we age our skin is more susceptible to hyperpigmentationi and scarring...

then i started breaking out on my cheeks as well...maybe when i was 18-21...i didnt want to go on the pills cuz i was afraid of weight gain...but my pimples got so bad i decided i rather starve myself and run the treadmill thant o suffer more pimples and red marks...so i went on OTC for almost a year...worked great then one day i decided to go on Seasonale..a type of birth control that lets u have your period only 4 times a year....VEry appealing!!...and besides..my fucking doc said it's OK..that if i didn't break out from Orthrotricyclen then i would be able to tolerate seasonale..that lying bitch...shit fucked up my hormones..and gave me nodules and cysts..which i almost never get....i get whiteheads too ( the whiteish type on your forehead)..a.nd they tend to inflame into cysts....

finally 3 weeks ago...age 23 now...i decided to go on Retin A micro. its still the early stage for me so i can't be an advocate of it yet. Maybe you shoudl try it too. SOme peoples experienced wonders with it. If you are a girl...try birth control as well.

I don't know how i tolerate it..i can't...sometimes i get suicidal over one pimple...and sometimes i just want to crawl up in a fucking hole and die...i no longer want to look people in the face or eyes...that's pretty much it...I CANT TOLERATE it...i want my beautiful skin back! and i will stop at nothing!!!

the story of my life


P.S puberty REALLY sucks...in one year before puberty hit..i went from a trim 115 lbs to a fat 135 lb....fat and pimples all in one year.....OMG...puberty ruined me! evil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gifevil.gif

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