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MY mom just told me that this product contains 4% hydroquinone, 10% glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid(which is supposed to be a moisturizing agent that is supposed relieve the irritation that is sometimes associated with hydroquinone use. Apparently you don't need a prescription anymore you can go to your local pharmacy and purchase it. It's about $60-$70 I am going for it...I mean what do I have to lose...I will let all of you know how it works. I am tired of all these scars...I don't feel good about my skin when I don't wear concealer. It's very uneven, hopefully this helps. eusa_think.gif

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60-70 bucks?! Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if it works for you, i'm sure it's worth it. But I don't have a job right now, so I'll stick to my baking soda and vinegar routine for now. tongue.gif

Remeber to come back and tell us how it worked! I hope it works out for you!

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I used it before I went on accutane. I used to leave it on overnight.

It costed 80 bucks for me

I think it did help for some marks at that time, now I cannot use it since I am on tane...

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ive been spot treating only my dark marks with it for the past month... minocin doesnt really help red marks... as of now slight results but its aight the pih is deep in the skin so u gotta give the cream some time to penetrate.

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