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Doxy and Retin A

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Day 1

Ok, finally saw a doc and got some prescriptions. I got the Retin A Micro today and just started taking Doxy (100 mg twice a day) on 1/19/05. I'll apply the Retin A tonite.

Morning Routine

Wash with a Basic Soap bar

Spot treat with BP

Evening Routine

Wash with Basic Soap bar

Wait 30 min

Apply Retin A Micro

After breakfast and dinner I'll pop a pill.

Hopefully this'll be a winner.

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Ah yah, my acne is pretty moderate. I have about 4-6 decently sized pimples, and a shitload of hyperpigmentation. I get small bumps all around but they come and go.

I know a lot of people have had trouble with this drug, but I figure I might as well give it a chance and see what happens. My goal is to stick with it for at least 8 weeks.

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Here we go on


Same usual routine, and haven't seen anything too bad as of yet.

Retin A Micro isn't very irritating yet, but maybe it's because I'm taking care not to apply too much. I probably apply less than a pea size, maybe half a pea size.

I've also been swimming and after I apply the Retin A M at night, I dab on a little queen helene mint julep.

Besides that, things are fine.

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Movin on up to


Still the same, my pimps look a bit restless but whatever. I hate those damn fleshy bumps. Still no real irritation from the retin a m yet. Maybe i'm one of the lucky ones?

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