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Not really for scarring but....

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Has anyone here had IPL w/ Levulan?

Supposedly amazing for pores, and I've even read that it's like Accutane without side effects because of it's act on the oil glands.

I'd appreciate anything you can tell me!

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Well, you probably aren't here anymore but I came on looking for information about the levulan treatment used with the "photo facial." Someone I know had it done. I would not be considering this if I hadn't of seen it with my own eyes. It's awfully expensive ($700 a treatment, she had three) on the west coast.

Now her skin is different from mine- it's very Irish and fair and she also had roseshea <sp>. But what caught my attention was how her scars were almost non-existent. They were the shallow type, maybe a little ice-pick, and on her cheeks and forehead.

I am more olive-skinned (part Asian) with mostly shallow scars that have plagued me. I'm anxious to try this and mostly worried about timing. I'm tempted to do it immediately (before a vacation) but I think I should wait until I have time to hide out in case of reactions.

Would love to hear from anyone who has had this combo treatment.

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Well, you probably aren't here anymore but I came on looking for information about the levulan

I saw the nurse who does the treatments today. She consulted with another nurse elsewhere because she wasn't sure my skin wasn't too dark to do well with the levulan. The conclusion was I should do a photo laser treatment first, see how I do with it and if it goes well, then do the combo treatment. She also wants me to stay out of the sun and use bloc for a month before we try this as the lighter I am, the better the chances of success. I am doing it for several reasons - to reduce pore size, to lighten my freckle-type brown spots and to make the skin appear smoother (and feel smoother). She was clear that it won't help any icepick type scars - however I've seen what it did to shallow scars, at least on a fair-skinned woman.

As a side note I did a laser treatment on some leg veins (spider) and am eager to see how that works out. This was done with a different kind of laser (a K something).

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