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what my derma prescribed (I'm from the Philippines)

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I came across Dan's website just yesterday (April 5), a day after I consulted with a dermatologist. Too bad, I should have searched the web first because the treatment that the derma gave me will last for 6 sessions (~1.5 months). And it costs a whole lot of money!!! I agreed to the treatment because I cannot help but hate myself when I look into the mirror.

After a very painful poking and pricking treatment, the doctor gave me a lot of topical solutions, creams, and an antibiotic.

AM: clear soap, clarifying solution, dermisol solution (don't know what this one is exactly), cream with glycolic acid/AHA, sunblock if I'm going out.

PM: clear soap, clarifying solution, dermisol solution, 0.025% tretinoin

And twice a day, I take 50 mg minocycline/minocidin.

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Brief background:

I never had a severe case of acne before...a couple of pimples here and there in the adolescent stage. I'm already 23 and the darn pimples started coming and going 2 years ago. I started having facials every month but the pimples won't stop coming back. I tried every product that the facial centers have but it didn't work in the long run.

There was one dermatologist who put me on 0.05% accutane but the meducine I bpught from her didn't work so she gave me Differin/adapalene. I wanted to see immediate results but when I wasn't getting any (except more pimples), I quit on all the stuff she gave me.

It became tolerable for a while but for the last 2 months, everything turned from mild to terrible. I had zits in all shapes and sizes on places where I never used to get pimples.

That's why I opted to go to a new dermatologist (a reputable one) rather than to just facial centers.

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Hi Pimple_Fighter_Chick,

You're story sounds just like mine! I have cystic acne on my cheek and chin. These acne hurt! I have four right now and some red spots from ones that have already gone away. If you look at my personal regimen, I'm on similar meds too.

A suggestion: cystic acne in females around chin and cheek areas are due to hormone imbalance. I'm thinking of switching birthcontrols to help with this. Maybe, this might be why all of a sudden we are both getting adult acne?

So, hang in there and good luck with your treatments!

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i think the one u are reffering to is the 6 tratment GAP of dermvlinic. GAP or glycolic acid peeling of 20 % in each week for 3 straight weeks with pricking and stuff..

dermisol is like clyndamycin i think

ive been to that dermclinic stuff it workd wonders but its kinda costy.. so im trying this dan's regimen first before goin to that regimen. and it uses tretinoin which is really making u break out. alot.

im considering ro accutane if this stuff wont work. the dermatologists from lets face it wud giv me 3x a week 20 mg stuff so that makes 3 tabs per week hehe.

i dont know if they are fooling me or watever.. i dont know. i wish this dan's regimen work for me.. i pray..

im from manila too.........

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