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Spread the word- doctors/people!

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Hey was just wondering; seeing as the regime is so successfull with controlling most mild/moderate acne and is widely available to many people at a cheap price- cant't anything be done to inform doctors about teh regime, so they won't be giving what may be unneccesary advice to patients- furthering their acne and costing the NHS(UK) more money?

Also, how has anyone else told people about the regimen- of course, if people ask that's dfferent, but consulting people might be intimidating or making people feel worse? I know that if I was in their position I'd think my acne was terrible if someone was lecturing me on it, and might think that taht regime wouldn't work and was a one-off; but I want to help!

lol, feel like writing something on paper and placing it in bags of some of the peopl ein school- hm maybe not the bes tidea tho ?eusa_drool.gif

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if you want to bring it up with someone, say "man, i've found this website that was cleared sooo many people up, im so pleased i found it and its working for me". they may say "oooh? whats that? i want to know, i have acne n don't like it" or they may say "wow, thats cool man, pleased its working" and not push the point any further. you could always put up posters in school with "www.acne.org" in HUGE LETTERS and put "it cleared me up!" underneath it. people can make their own minads up. but yeah, i agree, it should be more publicised especially to doctors, etc.

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Dans regimen isnt exactly a revolutionry thing. Its not like he's invented his own product. The whole idea of Dans regimen is to irritate your face as little as possible along with using high doses of BP. The regimen didnt actually work for me when I tried it a long time ago. But ive got together a regimen that does work very well after a long time of testing different products, ive been acne free for about 7 months (never even had one zit). Ive even got quite a few of my friends to try my regimen and within 2 weeks they were totally clear. Im going to post my regimen soon when my exams are over, so look out for my post in 2 weeks. But its not like my personal regimen is revolutionary either, its just about finding the products that work best.

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