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Captain Krusha

Itch after months of regimen

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I have been following the regimen since August. I went through periods of "red face", pealing, breakouts. At last, about 2 months ago,I felt I have it right with Dan's BP gel.

2 weeks ago I started to have an itch under my chin. At first it was a small area, and I simply stopped applying BP there. NO REDDNESS, just itchy. This did not help much. The itch spread to other areas - my lower jaw. I would wake up at night from scratching. I would look at the mirror and my skin is fine. Somehow DRY (few flakes, but nothing dramatic), but no signs of irritation.

Anyone had this condition? I am using the Neutragena moisturizer, but I tried with Cetaphil, as it seems to moisturize better. Cetaphil seems to be better with regards to the itching, but it had caused breakouts before.

The itchiness does not appear immediately after BP application. Maybe few hours later.

Any clues? Btw even after months of applying BP my skin could burn a little and become slightly red (up to an hour after applying BP and moisturizer) - nothing I cannot live with, and nothing like the beginning :-)


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I got that once around my nose area, came out of nowhere. I just started putting (believe it or not) hand cream on it. It would flake alot, but it eventually went away.

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That's the reason I stop the regimen. I couldn't handle it. But, good luck. And keep doing it.

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