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hello to all...i've discovered this site two days ago....I've suffered from light to moderate since I was 13 years old. I always had whiteheads, which disappear and quickly replaced by more the next day. it started on my cheeks and now I permanently have pimples on my jaw...i did some research and found out that if i break out at my jaw the cause is hormonal.

anyways those pimples were small and only leave black spots after they die out, i don't have any indentation or scarring, just discoloration that fade over time.

but still whiteheads are disgusting and itchy and just make me want to pick at my face all the time.

so at 17 i started going to a derm clinic - to have a facial (with extraction) done on my face every month (supposed to be every week but i don't have that much money), they made me buy expensive stuff (seems to be AHAs and salicylic acid), and they worked and cleared my face of acne for a while...but the routine was so time consuming that i gave it up after one year, also, the products were quite expensive, and there were like 5 products I have to put on my face every morning and night....

and stupid me started to smoke one Christmas break when i was depressed

the pimples came back with a vengeance...

so back on to the derm clinic, somehow this time the routine didn't work on me anymore...i still kept breaking out...i used the products to prevent more pimples from coming.

it wasn't so bad...i can still cover em up with simple baby powder...

then i moved and got depressed and broke out severely...all over my face...and my back...I started using Proactive and orto-trycyclen at the same time...my face totally cleared up....i probably owe it to the pill because I never cleaned my back using Proactiv...

i stopped using the pill for six months....proactive couldn't control the breakouts after i gave up the pill...so i cancelled my membership...it was too expensive anyways....

tried diane35 (?), another birth control pill, and it worked somewhat, but I had no discipline taking it regularly, i always miss, so i gave it up.

but mind you, my acne is not that bad....or was not that bad...it's annoying and depressing but it's not that disfiguring...with good makeup it's not even discernible...i just get those teeny weeny pimples...and those black spots they leave behind...

anyways to get rid of the hyperpigmentation i ordered TCA peel and applied it on...I'm on my day 5 of peeling...and gawd do I look awful...and the worst of it was i broke out with BIG pimples, i think they're what you call nodules...big painful bumps that has no head and really red...and I never ever had these kind of pimples before...right now I have eight of them in my face!!!!

I'm panicking...all i wanted was to reduce the discoloration...instead I end up with these big itchy bumps that i'm pretty sure would stay on my face for a long time!

p.s. I have a new bf and I haven't seen him for weeks because I hate for him to see me in this condition...I'm quite attractive underneath this stupid pimples that keep coming back for any reason!!

yikes, this got so long....i just wanted to rant and to see if any of you had breakouts while on the TCA peel, and did they go away?


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Never used TCA peels but, you should consider other options? Such as your AHA and SA combination. You can get these products way cheap at walmart. Currently I am working on a project I wrote Dan a letter asking him for some tools I can use from Acne.org to put this together to gather data about certain regimens.

If you head over to the OTC area you can ask or just research some of the best Over The Counter products available for you.

Currently I am on a SA regimen consiting of this,

my SA regimen that I am experimenting right now consist of.

Neutrogena® Body Clear® Body Wash (Day & Night Cleanser, Only Cleanser)


Neutrogena® Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment (Day use only)


Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment® (Night time Only)


I was using the BP there for awhile all it did was break me out, but I have had really good expirance with BP don't get me wrong, I just want to find somthing good for all of us.. Soon I will be adding the "T/SEL" from neutrogena, it also contains SA in it for dandruff.

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thanks so much for your reply, Xorcist!!

Never used TCA peels but, you should consider other options? Such as your AHA and SA combination. You can get these products way cheap at walmart.

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