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I finished accutane a little over a month ago, but now I have to deal with all these damn scars on my face. They aren't deep, but they give me an uneven look and some have like "edges" to them so they are noticeable. It hasn't really affected the way girls like me (thank god), but I have no confidence in dating a girl instead of being her friend. Right now I'm starting to get back these very small tiny zits on my jaw line and today I have had the weirdest thing happen to me. I'm reading a series of articles in TIME about happiness and it only made me angry and depressed to read it. I drove home with the music pumping and speeding and just locked myslef in my room and cried listening to music. I did that for about an hour and then within a time period of 30 min. I suddenly had confidence and self-esteem back and felt really good about my looks. I suddenly noticed that I have great hair, a stong tall build, great charcter and charm. Then 3 hours latter after spending an hour on my skin (yes that's how long I spend every night). I was back to being depressed b/c I noticed the pimples on my jaw line. Now 1 hour latter I've bounced back. I was just so worried that my acne would come back I guess. Now I'm having trouble at school with this girl I like. I know she likes me, but I don't want to date her b/c I don't feel like I would feel comfortable dating her instead of being friends b/c of my scars. I didn't worry so much about my skin when I had really bad cystic acne, but now I obsess about it like crazy. Before I was able to concentrate on my school work and accepeted the fact that I was ugly, but now it's like the past 7 years with acne has just slapped me in the face with a handful of scars to laughh at me and point as if it were saying "You thought you could defeat me, but in the end I always get the last laugh!" In summation the scars on my face have left me with a weird personality where I will be either like my old extremely outgoing self or this weird, sensitive, depressed kid. Anyone else ever feel the same, and if so how did you cope? I'm coping by doing everything I can for my skin, until next year this time when I can get stuff done for my scarring. Wow I just realized how long this is. I'm already feeling better just typing this. Night peeps!

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Guest Zitro

yeah, I'm also someone who is clearing up and is more obsessed with my skin now than when I had cystic acne. Thankfully, I have very few scars, but when I rarely get a big cyst, my mood changes.

Maybe before I accepted the fact that I wasn't pretty, and got used to it, but now that I look better, my self image varies depending on how my skin looks.

Scars suck, that's why I'm having my painful facials, just to avoid them (I was recommended accutane in many occasions)

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