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Quite a Few Questions needing help :D

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well i purchased L'oreal Anti Re-greasing Moisturizer the other day in hope that it would atleast bring the oil levels down but in fact it doesnt sad.gif 2-3hrs later im oily as hell n it makes my skin look alot worse sad.gif any ideas on a moisturizer that is good for oily skin from ur experience ? if so then please tell me, ide love to know! i said i was gonna start the regimen last week, as of yet i still aint, im just at the minute seeing what effects an exfoliating gel wash with SA has, aswell as applying Silicol Skin Gel, so far, i have seen a massive difference on my left side of my cheek, i duno whether this is the exfoliating wash or what, ill know more in a few weeks i guess as i continue to use, at the min im just gonna see what happens, just need to control this oil problem! did i read somewhere that vitamins are good for acne ? if so what ones ? also ive been drinking ALOT more water then i have ever done and eating less chips n having less chocolate, maybe this has an affect, doubt it though, anyway ide be grateful if u could give me some recommendations! also i posted my pics other day and got told my acne was mild and dan's regimen or botchals wud clear me up, but i also read that using SA and BP wasnt good ? so thats why i aint started yet, just wanna see if this wash has an effect, would it really matter if i use the exfoliating gel wash and brought dans or botchlas regimen into it ? thanks

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Moisturizer? I say use Neutragena oil free lotion for combination skin. It's great because it moisturizes. yet if you have oily skin, it won't make you shiny and gross/worse.

I have no idea about the SA/BP combo. Heard it's bad, but I can't remember why. I use Dan's regimen alone, and I've been pretty clear.

As far as vitamins, vitamin e is great for the skin. Drinking water also helps, however eating less chips and chocolate doesn't do a thing. It has nothing to do with that.

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thanks for replying, ill try Dan's or Botchla's regimen soon but just wanna try clear up the oil problem first, ill give some neutrogena products a go and see if there any different, thanks

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