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what's the difference between retin-a micro and retin-a? i know that according to the retin-a website that micro is supposed to be more easily absorbable and less irritating. but i took retin-a in high school and had positive results from it... i remember a slight initial breakout and then positive improvement since then. however, four years later in college i went on retin-a micro and had such a terrible initial breakout that i decided to stop using it because it seemed to be making things worse rather than better.

i'm asking because i'm on accutane now, and just talked to a friend who took accutane a year ago and developed depression and had suicidal thoughts because of it. her story really frightened me (i knew her before 'tane and she was always such a happy person with no propensity towards moodiness or depression.) i'm 24 now, have been on 20 mg/day of accutane for 2 months, and am considering getting off and switching to retin-a. i know depression/suicidal thoughts don't occur in many accutane users, but clear skin isn't worth that risk to me.

any advice?

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Retin-A --> moderate worsening of acne

Retin-A Micro --> Severe, permanent worsening of acne

not joking

and don't stop accutane. Your friend had problems but I'm sure you won't. It's rare...

Some people like me acre crying day and night in hope to get accutane

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I've used Tazorac and it made my acne worse, the way the Retin-A Micro and the Differin both made it worse. Maybe topicals just aren't my thing...

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