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i just got prescribed spiro for hormonal acne, i'm glad, since i really didn't want to go on birth control. i was prescribed 25 mg, and after two weeks i'm supposed to go up to 50mg if i don't have any side effects that are too annoying. i've heard of people taking much higher dosages, she said some people take 200... do you think 25mg will even do anything beneficial?

i know this is a bad idea in general, but i'm halfway considering taking 100 if i dont mind the side effects and it seems to be helping. i want to get rid of this oily skin/acne sooo badly. all the side effects she listed would be worth it if my skin wasnt so messed up. i can't just schedule appt after appt with this doctor to verify that, yes, i do need to go on a higher dose. i'll go broke.. confused.gif

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Hi Shutterlag,

I've been on Spiro for about three months now and it's worked brilliantly. I was prescribed 100mgs which I took for the first week but then got impatient and went straight up to 200mgs. I've not really experienced any negative side effects and as i'm also taking Yasmin BC my periods have not been disrupted. I do find that I am more dehydrated but as long as I drink enough water this doesn't cause a problem.

I now have only the very occasional tiny pimple just before my period but is so small it's hardly noticeable to anyone but me. This treatment is the best thing i've ever been prescribed and I recommend it to any woman experiecing hormonal acne.

I might weane myself of 200mgs back to 100mgs in a few months and if I find it's just as effective i'll stick to it, otherwise i'll go back to my current dosage. I've head that up to 400mgs is safe, so I think you should just see how your body reacts to the dosage you decide upon and go from there.


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thanks for the help- i just took my first pill today.

i don't know if anyone would know about this, i'm also taking 200mg of doxycycline. my doctor is kind of an airhead, and when i put in these two medicines on a drug interaction checker it said there's a mild interaction, something about "renal function." does anyone else take spiro and a tetracycline antibiotic together?

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Shutterlag ~ I am not currently taking spiro and an antibiotic, but last time I was in to see the derm he did suggest putting me on doxycycline along with the Spiro, so you're probably fine. You can ask your pharmacist when you fill the prescription also, and just pay attention to anything that changes with you. Since my derm has also suggested combining w/ Spiro though, I wouldn't worry about it. Take care,

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Hello ladies, I also started taking spiro around two weeks ago. So far, I don't see much results, but I guess it takes longer. I Take 150mg. Is this enough, or should I increase my dosage? I want fast results (don't we all?) When will I notice improvement? Thanks for your help!!

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Aliciany ~ 150mgs is fine. Myself am on 100mg, but many on here are on 200. It will take 3-4 months, yes months, for you to see Spiro's full effects. There isn't anything you can do to speed that part up, unfortunately. I would not increase your dosage, just try to be patient smile.gif You should start seeing less oil (if you are oily skinned) soon. Hang in there smile.gif I am on month 5, I think, of Spiro. I have ups and downs on it, always the week before my period. Right now I am crystal clear, but last month I was really broke out. Best of luck to you!

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cool.gif Thanks Shortee! I guess I'll have to be patient. The thing is, I've been having acne for the last year and a half, and I'm so fed up with it. I tried many things and no or slight improvement. I know my acne is hormonal (I'm 30) so I really hope spiro works.

Ladies: any more succes stories with spiro? I need reassurance!!!!!!!!

BTW, Shortee, I already feel less oil on my face -so I guess is working (although my skin has never been really oily)

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Hey All

36 years old....still have acne

(used most over counter...prescription....Diane-35

type products...nothing worked)

I have been on 100mg of Spiro since 12/13/04...

so 5 weeks so far.

I noticed a change in my skin and oil production after

3 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Never,... I say never have I used something with such

immediate results! eusa_dance.gif

I am on the BC shot Depo Provera

(this has eliminated my migraines and kept me sane)...

the only side effect I have had from the shot is....skin that breaks out.

Mine broke out even before I went on Depo...and the drug does

say on the package that it may aggravate already acne prone skin...

well...it did for me.

However...since going on Spiro...skin has CLEARED!!


The texture has smoothed out...the oil has decreased so

dramatically that I barley have to blot my face at the end of the day...

I even have to use more moisturizer because my skin is a

little dry now on my chin!!!!

Only thing I have to remember is to take it with food...or

chase it down with milk or something to coat my stomach...

otherwise I'm in the can with the runs!

You have to cut back on Potassium filled foods....and drink

water so you don't get dehydrated (it is a diuretic).

I find drinking 6-8 of almost hot water a day helps

(cold water upsets my tummy)

I am loving this drug...I wish I would have found it years ago...

I shake my head to think of the needless spots/scaring and blotches

that could have been prevented by this drug years ago!!!!!!

Good luck!

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