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im 19 years old and have had acne since i was 13, but not until 2 years ago did my acne start getting to the point that i became extremely uncomfortable with it. I didnt even acknowledge that i had "acne" until a year ago and tried to mask the fact that i would get zits. Being a guy who participates in sports and goes out and is known as someoone who has a good time, it was terribly difficult to deal with my new life with acne. I had to start putting make up concealer on my pimples and spots, but that was just the beginning of obsession with acne.

When the acne started getting bad, i would randomly leave to the bathroom to check how my skin is looking, whether i thought people were noticing, and then judge how i would act outside. Whenever i would pass a mirror i would check my face and depending on how my skin looked, i would either be in a good or bad mood. However, at this point i would not get too depressed over the acne, thinking it would have to fade soon, im not the type of person that should be getting this.

Then, entering college i had a very difficult time dealing with the acne. living in close quarters with someone, i had to always hide my make up obsession, and try to wake up earlier or go to sleep later than my roommate so he would never get to see my washed face. Later, i would begin to make excuses that i was sick or tired or had too much work when my friends would ask me to go out, and rarely if ever would i consider going out during the day when my face could easily be seen.

Now its gotten to the point where i hardly see any of my friends before the sun goes down, and always pick my spots where i see them. I refuse to go around any bright lights and stuff like that. Worst of all, im even scared to be showing my face around my family and parents. I am depressed all the time, hoping every day that when i look at my face, all the redness and all the bumps just dissapear.

Ive been on the regimen for 4 months and it is definitely helping, but its a very slow slow process. Hopefully it works in the end for me. I just break down sometimes at the fact that acne is controlling my life, and my happiness. I am even too ashamed to discuss it with my aprents or friends. People dont understand me anymore and think im just weird when i dont want to go out and do things. I cant tell them whats really bothering me.

I just hope younger people who read this dont turn into what ive turned into and realize that acne is not worth changing your lifestyle. Dont wait and think itll pass, get on the regimen quickly, follow it perfectly, and dont get discouraged and quit. People without acne dont undrestand how terrible it is emotionally, but in the end you have to make the decision that you are bigger and better than it. so far i havent been able to, but i cant continue living like this.

hope this meant something for some people and good luck!

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Guest Zitro

It's hard to control oneself his/her mood, I for one was not seriously affected emotionally when my acne was very severe, but my life with girls was not existent.

obsession with skin as well as insecurity are the worst problems in acne in my opinion.

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