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Hello and Dan, similar guy to me! and advice pleas

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Hey hello there; name's Francis and I'm 17 from the big UK, yeee! biggrin.gif

Came acroos acne.org few days ago,although I remember in the past few years I've looked at the forums once or twice, not actually realising that this regimen would be useful when it actually is! eusa_doh.gif

in past, briefly used accutane-isotretinoin- not realising its side effects (wasn't told by doctor :S), and briefly cream based Quinoderm BP

However, coincidentally, through trial and error, since I was 13 when my acne started, I had built up a regimen similar to Dan's - finding BP was good for my moderate acne and oily skin, and then using Dove soap as a cleanser and finding shaving daily to be a good exfoliant!

BUT! I didn't realise about moisturising- thinking this was only needed for dry skin and that it was a "girly thing". Fortunately a few days ago, coming across this, I am going to adapt my regimen, which may include; or does at the moment

Dove extra sensitive soap, as an exfoliant

Gilette Mach 3 Turbo + Gilette sensitive shaving foam

Brevoxyl 4% BP cream

Boots (not ACT) essentials moisturing cream

Any opinions on these- they're good for me, although brevoxyl is a gel ye; really like dove soap tho, n mach 3; not tried sensor excel yet

I tried Clerasil for men after shave balm (salycylic acid), but this was bit sticky n greasy - what I think of most clerasil products- but any opinions on the "for men" CS range?

So pleased to have come across this site! wink.gif

Shared many similar problems to you all, but ciao for now, ADIOS !

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never knew they made 4% bp, how is that working out for you..

dove is good.. sensitive shaving foam is good.. dont get that skin irritated mr.

looks good to me

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Ye 4% is good -product called Brevoxyl over here in Uk- not many ppl use it, but seems every one likes it, n I do, cept in the past I didn't realise bout moisturising :o:/, but life's one big lesson, eh !

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