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Hey I wonder if anyone can help me. I have moderate acne on my chin, sometimes its cystic. But my cheeks, nose and forehead are clear completely... does anyone know if localised acne is caused by something I'm doing wrong?

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Hi Bethanyrushes,

I also only get acne on my chin and nowhere else and sometimes they are very deep and painful. I have tried most otc things and nothing ever worked to any great extent. I have also tried modifying my diet numerous times and it never made any difference so I don't necessarily think that it is anything other than the chin is the area on our face that is susceptible to acne, for whatever unknown reasons.

I have been doing Dan's regimen for the last 11 weeks and I can honestly say it is the only thing that has ever made a difference to my acne. I'm not 100% clear yet and it took until about week 8 before I really started to see any improvement but it is so much better now. I now have more clear days than days with spots and when I do get them they are much smaller and clear up much quicker. biggrin.gif

Give it a try it may well work for you to.

Good luck!

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when you get acne on their chin, it's often caused by hormones (sp?) so...you can either get birth control pills or 2.5% benezoly perxiode, which dan uses for his chin acne (watch regime video)...

also...avoid touching phone, pillows, and messy eating habits. my acne is most severe on my chin, so yeah...

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