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Just curious... has anyone tried combining Dan's Regimen and Botchla's Regimen? I've begun combining the two, and I'm on Day 3 at the moment. Let me explain.

I'm one of those people that can't generally stand to have layers of stuff on my face during the day, so applying BP Gel and moisturizer in the morning isn't happening for me. It's just one of those things I'll never be able to do. The solution I've devised for this, is to wash with SA twice daily, wash with BP in the morning, and apply BP gel at night. The only part I'm thinking about dropping is the BP wash, but I don't know. I am not dried out or anything like that. I shower twice daily, so using the washes is no problem. This is the method I've been following:


Shave using Mach 3 & Gillette Complete Skin Care Gel (Can anyone advise me on this particular shaving gel? I haven't had problems with it yet.)

Wash with CnC Blackhead Clearing Scrub (30-45 seconds) SA

Wash with CnC Continuous Control (30-45 seconds) BP


Wash with CnC Blackhead Clearing Scrub (30-45 seconds) SA

(Get out of shower and dry off gently)

Apply BP Gel to entire face

Does anyone know if this a particularly good or bad idea? Has anyone attempted this method with success or failure? Honestly, I've never had real bad acne. I get a few whiteheads every now and then, but never a really bad cystic breakout or anything. But, truth is that even one bad spot on the face is enough to make you want to stay indoors for the day. You are your own worst critic after all. I will report in with my results on this regimen... assuming noone responds to this post telling me to cut it out... haha. Let me know what you guys think. I'll go ahead and give a quick Day 3 report.

Day 3:

Generally, I'm pretty clear. My forehead has always been my problem area, and I have some bumps up there that have been clearing since I started nuking them with the BP Gel, but my lower face feels good. The one thing I can say about the BP Gel, having used it multiple times before starting a true "regimen," is that when you feel a zit coming on at night, if you slam some BP on there, it will have receded by morning. Great stuff.

I will report in as my progress continues.

Any comments or advice are more than welcome.

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so your using both SA and BP tongue.gif this is what i was thinking about doing but i saw a few posts and people saying that it was not a good idea, how long have u been doing this method ? any problems so far ? and can u see a genuine improvement in ur skin ?

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I've been doing the twice daily SA and once daily BP washes for about a month now, and I have just recently added in the BP Gel. I saw my skin improve and feel great every time I used the washes. I think adding the BP Gel is really adding the finishing touch. I haven't had any new acne in a day or two, and the other couple spots are fading quickly. I also haven't experienced any excess irritation or dryness that some people mention. I feel that it is a great combination. Only time will tell, though.

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