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My acne is genetic too. My Dad had it. He had a mild form. He at 83 yrs old can still get a zit once and awhile. My Mom who NEVER EVER had a zit as a young person (who only splashed water on her face to wash it and never exfoliated etc) at 82 years old, now my Mother who does not have Acne Genes will now get a zit!!!! Do you want to know why all of a sudden in her later years she will get a zit? It only happens ..... when she slathers on some cream (Oil of Olay for example ).

People a zit or two is not the worst thing to happen to you! I now can say that after spiraling down into BP Hell and crawling out ! I do have the genetics for acne and I hate that but ... what really ticks me off is that I spent so much money and energy and time with washing my face with soap, using the pads (do they even still make those?) , applying the BP and SA creams and gels and putting ice on my face. At one point I even tried Retin A (do Doctors still prescribe that?). THANK GOD that I never went on Accutane or Birth Control Pills.

If you're reading this thinking... she's 40 years old! She probably outgrew it. No , please that's not true. If I get some conditioner or hair dye on my face. Or if I pick at my black heads then I will break out with one or two zits. Most days I go without make up but if I were to put some cream based make up on my face, or if I were to wash my face with soap... I'd get a zit or two. I haven't outgrown it. I've just learned that all those chemicals actually made the situation worse.

All I'm saying is... please consider this as a possibility. Maybe you have mild to moderate acne like I did as a teen and twenty something and then you , out of embarassment, start using cleansers, creams, gels, scrubbing, ice etc to fix the problem... but when you stop using these products you notice your skin gets worse. Is it possible that the ointments are actually making your skin Dependent?

Anyway, I don't want to sound negative and judgmental.... If you use BP or whatever, I completely understand. I've been there. Just think about what I'm saying , please.

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Medications (orals and topicals) are horrible in general. Why humans think they can do a better job for their skin, than their own body has always confused me. Obviously they'll be dependant on medications, pills, creams, gels, whatever for as long as possible, because people like them make the world go round with their money. What I find upsetting is when they pass on this bad information to their children or other young people, thus extending the cycle and those who wish to live naturally (as intended) are labelled, fanatics because our "regime" or lack thereof, isn't supported by science. saywhat.gif No shit, why would you be told you can alleviate acne when you provide so much revenue?. Think for a moment, what would happen if a member of the public were to expose a "cure" (if there is one, other than doing nothing). I can only imagine 1 of 2 things. 1- Companies would fight tooth and nail to disprove the discovery, funding scientist to support their claims and perhaps even including some false side effects (like long-term cancer) to make people steer clear, does this sound familiar? accutane?. 2- They'd find a way to bottle and market it as a product, so they can at least get some money whilst the rest of the acne market becomes obsolete. A little critical thinking goes a long way, my God.

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I would love to try going the natural route, I would absolutely love it. And I'm sure it's healthier for the skin in the long-run. It's what our ancestors did because they undoubtedly didn't care about acne. Unfortunately that's the thing, this method may or may not work for cases of mild-moderate or worse acne. Folks with more severe cases will not only have to deal with the active acne, but if/when they ever outgrow it, they could also potentially have scarred skin for life. In a prehistoric society that doesn't care about acne/scarring, that's not an issue. In a society that looks down upon people with it, that can be a big problem.

Again, I think natural is the way to go if at all possible. But for more serious cases, I'm very skeptical about this method. It's certainly not something that I would have much confidence in trying on myself at this time.

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