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I have a hard time napping :/ Lame!

And great with the dryness! I have a bit of post-shower dryness on my cheeks again, but it's very minor. I can't tell if it's from a sunburn or if it's part of the healing process; my cheeks are the most damaged area, so it could be that it needs to continue sloughing off the skin. At least my red marks look a bit better, which might have to do with drinking more water! That or it's a coincidence, or some other variable. No idea yet. But I'm happy haha.

AHHAA oh goodness. I hope I don't have that happen to me. But I'll be happy if I can have a few days where I don't even think about skin or acne! Did you have to take pain meds? I've been off pain meds for a bit because I was relying on OTC ones on a very regular basis for minor things, and it was causing worse symptoms.

Hm, do you think it's possibly due to scratching them off? I tend to scratch my nose lots and I have a new little red dot from scratching away where a clog was. And uh oh, I think I'm experiencing a similar one-month purge! It's nothing serious, but it seems that the clogs I already had are pushing themselves out. So some areas are feeling a bit grainier (thankfully only small areas, and not really visible), and I got a new pimple. I haven't picked it, so i hope it goes down by Monday (wisdom teeth removal). But... aside from those minor things, my skin feels way smoother. And I think it's also starting to adjust even more to not being moisturized, although that could be attributed to the fact that the shower water doesn't seem to be getting as hot lately. Oh well. And speaking of purging, I might be purging on my back and chest. I hope it all dies down in the next month or so, as I'd love to be able to feel comfortable doing stuff in the short amount of summer time I have left before school in the fall. Are you still thinking you are experiencing a bit of a purge? Hopefully not - that might mean that it's not osmething that lasts long if you leave it alone!

I have a big love of pain medication, so I did take them once. The pain really wasn't too bad and I was back to sleeping on the side of my face by the second day or so. I was actually out with friends the day after. You need to prepare yourself and cancel any plans for the week, your face will be so swollen. Thankfully my friends were somewhat kind and not judging. Also, awesome with the red marks. Mine are actually coming along nicely too. :clap:

My break outs are gone! Such a relief. I'm not sure whether it was a purge or what, but it wasn't pretty. It's all cleared up though and I don't have anything major going on. It's all pretty good news actually. I've had a bit of stress just with family matters, so I'm hoping that doesn't lead to anything major.

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Good thing I have no plans :) As long as the pain is not horrible, I can probably live with it. I just would rather not have to take pain meds.

Well then yay! How long did they last? So far, I have the one (tiny) pimple on my cheeks, maybe 2 others that are still inflamed but no longer really pimples (one is on my temple, and I swear it's been there for close to 2 weeks), and a few little whiteheads here and there. But those don't seem to be new, they just seem to be little whiteheads coming from areas where I was already a bit clogged. I am hoping that if I keep my nails away, any purging I might be going through will be minimal. But it actually makes sense that it would purge around the month mark, because it takes up to 28 days for the skin to fully regenerate itself or something. So maybe by the time the skin fully regenerates, if there is any gunk left it gets pushed out. If any of that makes sense :)

Really any whiteheads I get, assuming they're not massive are gone by the morning after. Sleeping seems to do wonders for my skin. My skin is on the downhill again, in the same spot as last time. I'm not sure what it is, but it's basically just a small area filled with clog pores. It looks seriously horrible and irritated. I've also got one or two pimples on my forehead too, which is REALLY odd. I'm almost convinced this isn't a purge, but more of just the roller coaster ride that my skin is. It's never been perfect, so I've become sort of accepting of these stages. I just want to get clear and stay clear!

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I'm not too sure what happened in between the last post and now, but I'm definitely stressed. I've just got a hair cut and got home and my skin is just a mess. My forehead especially. It didn't help that the woman was constantly touching and rubbing her hand all over it. I came home with pieces of hair on my face which I knew would just cause further irritation. I've got so many red marks which underneath I know are lurking pimples just waiting to come and destroy my self esteem. :( I'm just feeling like a failure and I'm starting to doubt this regime. Ultimately I have nothing to go back to, so I'll stick it out. I wish I didn't make plans tomorrow.

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Well today I'm quite tired out from the operation (and I've yet to have to take pain meds despite the numbing being almost all gone - the top ones have stitches so are kind of sore and in minor pain, but nothing I can't tough out :) ) Yeah, I noticed that my whiteheads are mostly only visible to me - in the past I'd pick them, despite not being able to see them unless 1cm away from my mirror.

And I have issues like that; the areas that have been the most broken out are always the same areas. It could just be that it is your more reactive spot, or perhaps some past habits have caused the area to be more congested, so it's clearing up in rounds. I'd think that by month 2 it should cease. But it could be purging. I had some minor ones when I worked up a sweat working out, but they were gone by the time I went to bed 24 hours later because I actually left them alone! So maybe it's just more serious purging. I've read that things can get worse around the end of month 1, sometimes month 2. But most seem to get past all the ugliness by 6 weeks.

Ah, I hate hair cuts sometimes. When I get mine done, I'll definitely make sure that she only wets my hair and uses no products whatsoever. The scraping of a comb can be quite bad as well, especially if getting bangs. But I'm growing mine out, so that should not happen to me. I never noticed hair from the hair cut itself breaking me out though. Perhaps products, but not pieces of hair. And touching with product-free hands has never broken me out - when at the operation, I never once flinched when bare hands touched my face. I've learned that it has no effects unless they have shit on their hands (and I don't just mean natural residue or dirt, I mean like actual products on their hands). And don't stress, just forget about it. Yes, you might get a few bumps, but just leave it be and it will clear up! Especially since it's just irritation, not something clogging the pores. I had this happen when I had existing clogs (the horribel braille type) and got a comb scraped over my skin, and I got a few pimples from it. But nothing serious other than irritation and redness. But why doubt the routine? Woulnd't you still have a similar reaction were you using products?

Congratulations on the wisdom teeth coming out! Also, good news that no pain killers have been used as of yet. I'm feeling a lot better today. Skin-wise, everything has come to a giant head. I guess that's good news, meaning everything is out and nothing underneath the skin anymore (for the time being), so hopefully that should all be gone within a few days. I'm not sure why I doubted the almighty routine. It has definitely given more stable results than any cleanser had, I was just fed up with everything. I'll continue to use it. Also, my forehead is responding pretty well. All I could think of when the hair dresser was touching my forehead was "how many other greasy heads has she touched today?" Thankfully, no sign of a disaster zone as of yet.

I went out today with all the whiteheads on display. As horrible as it was going out and looking in my mirror this morning seeing them, I feel like I've concurred something by going out. We really are our worst critic. Whenever I go out and my skin isn't so great, I am constantly obsessing that they're staring at every spot and judging my cleanliness. I then looked at it from my perspective and thought about what I do. It really is only a look and look away for me. I'm not going to question anything about their lives, but that might be because I've experienced it and gone through it. Who knows. I've just got a few questions for you about the routine which could potentially be causing some irritation?

1. When you have a hot shower, when you get out do you rinse with cold water?

2. Do you wash your face with water morning and night?

Sorry for all the questions. ;)

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I'm about to go to bed, and it is hurting a bit more. So if I cannot fall asleep I'll take the T3s, but I'm thinking I'll be okay. I don't want the antibiotics though - I have no infection, why take them if I make sure to be orally hygienic and use the mouthwash and other rinses thoroughly? I have a bit of soreness but no obvious swelling, but I'll keep icing it tomorrow.

And I get the being fed up with it thing. That's why it's taken me a year to finally push myself through it longer than 2 weeks :) I personally never notice stuff like casual touching being problematic, just actual picking/scratching. But hair dressers do wash their hands before cutting your hair, it was probably fine! and the heads is good! I had one on my cheek and it dried out within a week to a crusty yellow (and barely visible) "scab." It's mostly gone now.

I agree with your perspective shift. I realized that I only became perceptive of other's skin when mine became bad. But then when it was good again, I'd basicalyl just look people in the eyes for a few seconds and look away. That's mostly what's done, and it's hard to actually see all the acne when doing this. And none are going to sit 2 inches from your face! I don't ever recall looking at people or noticing their skin until I notice MY skin (when I was 14.)

1) Nope, just a nice long hot shower. I noticed no difference between the water temps on my skin, as any temp still gave me ashy and dry skin. It was a matter of time, not temperature. I used to take boiling showers and had the smoothest moisturizer-free skin ever.

2) I just shower in the evening, no set time. Chances are there will be days I skip as well, mostly in the winter. I don't really wash it in a specific way either, just let water wash over my face. Rubbing it made the flaking a lot worse and made it last longer. Not fun.

Ah, that's funny that you say scratching tends to cause the problems. Recently my forehead has just become itchy. I'm not sure why, but at times it is unbearable. I don't scratch it, EXCEPT when I wake up in the night and it's itchy. Something about being half asleep makes it okay to scratch. I've also seen irritation on my forehead, whether it be from the scratching itself, or just looks that way from the dryness.

I am praying to all things holy that all these white heads clear up for tomorrow! How's the pain the day after? ;)

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Hi, I really want to start on this regime (or get rid of all regimes), but I was wondering - If I have raised scars... how do I treat them once I'm clear or can I still use chemical peels on that area alone?


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I'm interested in this routine. but here's what I kinda wanna do.

I'd like to get up, and take a shower but instead of using a cleanser JUST wash with warm water.

After that, I'd pat my face dry w/ a towel and put some sunscreen on instead of moisturizer (since believe me, living in a super sunny climate I'm gonna need it much more.)

At night I would exercise & then when I get back inside, take a shower & wash again but instead of using just water for my nighttime routine, I use a cleanser, because of the sweat and grimey feeling from the workout.

Does this sound good?

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I've been doing this & seeing maybe an initial breakout? my nose is getting pimples and it hasn't in months before, and blackheads are beginning to come through. is this normal?

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I don't find it hard to believe that these acne treatments make the condition worse in the long run. But my acne was brought on by genetics. My mom and brother both had it. And I went the longest time without putting anything on my skin and it still hasn't gone away. I'd much rather everyone keep looking for cheaper, effective treatments and stick it to the manufacturers of these ridiculously-priced products.

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^ How old are you? If you are still in your teens, then you could very well just grow out of it. If you are out of your teens, then I'd say that your acne should be treated in some gentle manner.

I just turned 20 a month ago. My brother had to take Accutane when he was around 18 and it went away for good. My mom still struggles with a little bit at the age of 50-something. I think my case is less severe than theirs but its still enough to fuck with me.

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omg.... i read this and this is exactly what has happened to me....... aarrrggghhhh proactiv ruined me literally............

.........okay......................... gonna give this a shot!

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.......i've consulted a dermatologist in Ortigas and i'm under his regimen...i've finished with 2weeks of oral antibiotics, just on topical regimen now... been 3 weeks and nothing is happening.............................. damn it......................

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It has been 6 years , since starting this regimen .....and I'm still using WATER ONLY! I wonder how JanCarlo is doing? I bet he never looked back too! How i wish I could impress on you to stay away from all those creams and soaps . I am convinced that over time that made my acne worse. I don't think I would have half the scars I do today if I had avoided the products and I'd have more money in the bank.

Anyway, If you go to my gallery and look at my photos from 2006 you will see a lady with a face full of acne..... those photos were taken the first few months after weaning myself off BP and soap..... at that time.....face was in the worse shape ever. BP and SA and endless washing and ice treatments had TRAINED my face to be that way.

My history: I suffered with mild acne ever since the age of 10 and it wasn't until my mid twenties that acne really became a problem. When I look back on it... it was after using Salicytic Acid for a few months that my mild acne really worsened. Which led me to many ridiculous and desperate measures to gain control of it................... Then began the 10 year period of using BP every day and washing my face and applying ice cubes .......which worked for a while... but my face was always irritated and I believe those years of BP and SA use are what made my face break out the way it did when I stopped cold turkey. Before BP and SA my face never looked as bad as those photos. Again, those chemicals had trained my skin to be dependent .

Well, anyway.... it has been 6 years and I only used Water Now. No soap, no medications or gels at all. I try to avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in my shampoo . I do get an occasional pimple but I can live with it. I never want to be a slave to BP again. By the end of those ten years of slavery , it didn't work anyway.

From my experience of thirty years of acne, I'd advise a person like me with moderate acne to avoid all products, ointments and soaps like the plague and try not to rub or pick at your face. It sounds weird but.....your skin will be better off (it might not be 100% clear)... but as I said... it won't be all red and flaky and you'll have all that money you'd spend on products in your pocket. If you get an occasional zit , just cover it with some minerals make up and try to put it in perspective. Isn't BP banned in Europe? It stripped the color out of my hair and my pillow cases... what is is doing to your skin cels?

THOSE GELS and CREAMS and "Gentle" Cleansers are NOT NATURAL. but Water is.

I will try to post a photo of me now in my gallery. Please look for it.

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