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Silicea 30C and Thios 30 C

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A homoepathic doctor asked me to take it for my depressed acne scars.

I do not know if it will help or not, I am just desperate and I am trying new things, I will update if it does work at all.

I did a search of Thios here and found that a user called GuardedlyOptimistic said he/she used it and got good results.

Did not get a follow up from him/her on if the results were permanent or only temporary.

Please post if anyone has any more info on this.

Also if someone is familiar with these medicines please let me know if the dosage sounds right, since it feels like it is very high to me.


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i took thio and i think it made some improvments. but, i still have some depressed scarring. i took thiosinaminum 6c a couple of times a day for a couple of months. i should have continued but i ran out. i never used silicea. i will be going back on the thio soon. do you want to show me a pic of your scarring? the deeper the scarring the more likely that you'll need something topical such as a peel but helping it along from the inside with homeopathic remedies is great too ! also, the higher the potency the lower the number on the bottle thus a 6c is more potent.

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Thanks Guardedly Optimistic,

Wow , so much to learn, I thought higher the number, more potent it is, in fact some website told like that, even though it does not make sense, like higher the number , more diluted it is but still they say it is more potent. I thought that was just one of the quirks of homoeopathy.

I have mostly depressed scars that are pretty deep. I have tried microdermabrasion but had no effect, I was thinking of collagen injections but want to try this first.

When you say it made some improvements do you mean the depth or the quantity? Like do you mean " I had 20 depressed scars, now there are 10" or "I had 20 scars but now they are much less deep".

Let me know, also did the improvment stay with you or did it fade away.

Sorry for so many questions, but some of your posts from my search results in this forum were so promising, they gave me hope for this medicine.

Also the medicine claims it "dissolves scar tissue". I hope I have scar tissue below my indents else this medicine will not work. I just never figured out these indents, you know whether it is just loss of collagen or if there is a scar tissue under the skin pulling down the top part of skin causing the pit. Or maybe they are one and the same.

If you get time, please answer some of the questions.


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Ok this is so confusing.

I have become interested in homeopathy recently and done a fair bit of research. The thing that has continued to confuse me is the dosages.

At first I thought 30c was stronger than 6c for example. Now I find out that 30c has been diluted many more times than 6c.

But it is also the case that 30c is more potent. So how can diluting something to the point where there is no measurable trace of the substance in the tablet actual yeild a more potent tablet???!!??

Please read this and if anyone can make sense of it (I did until the last paragraph turned it on its head) I would love to know


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