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what do antibiotics do

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im going to the docters and was wondering if i should take oral antibiotics and if so what are the bad things about them and what do they do and which is the best kind thanks. i am a male 15 years old

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The oral antibiotics, first off, are only for very mild acne. (I tried them, and it didn't work for me, but my skin was pretty awful). They don't have any side effects, I'm fairly certain the only crappy thing about them is that you can't have dairy products within two hours of taking a pill.

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your derm will decide what prescriptions you'll get, not you. you'll probably start off small depending on how severe it is

any kind of antibiotic will kill bacteria. it's a little different than bp and antibacterial lotions and washes, cause they work different. for one it won't irritate your skin, it will proabbly work better, but the bacteria build immunity to it over a period of time

topical antibiotics you apply just like any cream, and that's what you'll probably startt oout with, doesn't damage your liver or nothing, it's more direct; right to the bacteria and kills them

oral antibiotics you take in with food or whatever (not dairy products) and your body secretes in out of your skin (I think, correct me if I'm wrong...) . it will kill all the p acne bacteria

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Im currently taking tetracycline @ 2 250mg pills a day, I notice that it is somewhat getting better but I also noticed that my skin is extremely oily. Im almost done with my first bottle going to go get a refill in about 10 days.

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at the peak I was taking 8 pills a day. It was crazy. My gp just said 'take more, take more'. They never helped me. No good for severe stuff, but many people on here have had great results with mild moderate stuff.

Some of the people in the diet/hols forum dno't like antibiotics. They don't treat only acne, they are not specific so they will do other stuff to your body. Supposedly it lowers your immune system and things like that which some people don't like.

typical course is 6 months, sometimes you change antibiotic type because you become resistant to it or it doesn't work. So yeh, it takes a long time to get working and can take years to try it out. By then your acne might be a lot worst.

I hope I helped?


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Minocyclin worked for my cystic acne for years so antibiotics can be used to treat bad cases of acne. Unfortunately, I built up a resistence and it no longer works.

As said above, antibiotics kill bacteria. They kill all bacteria, good and bad, so be sure to buy a bottle of Acidophilus from GNC (or wherever) should your dermatologist prescribe an antibiotic.

Some people believe that Vitamin B5 is just as effective as the antibiotic erythromycin so you might want to give it a whirl as well.

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