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Where the hell is the scar tissue???

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I always hear doctors, ppl in internet talk about "scar tissue" for acne scars.

Where is it located.

I have depressed ice pick type and a lot of other pit type scars. I do not see any scar tissue. Is the scar tissue located under those scars deep inside the skin?

Please help, some one told about some treatments dissolving "scar tissue" but I do not even know if I have any, maybe there is some under my skin causing those depressed scars.

Anyone has any idea, sorry for this dumb question...


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If you have ice picks, the scar tissue will be the skin that is at the deepest point of the ice pick.

I haven't heard of being able to dissolve scar tissue... From what I've heard, the best treatments for ice picks seem to be TCA CROSS, punch floats and needling.

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Thanks Rossignol,

Look at this thread.


I am planning on trying this homeopatic stuff that claims it "dissolves scar tissue".

I have no idea if it is possible, I am not endorsing them in any way, I myself am the biggest skeptic, but I am taking it smile.gif

But if if if if if they do succeed in "dissolving" scar tissue, do you think it will cause my ice pick scars to just disappear, or will there still be a "hole" in my skin there since there is no tissue below that...

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