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What's up with these people

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I don't understand these people that post a huge gallery of images that show them having no acne or barely any at all.. It's like they're hungry for attention and/or praise from people here because they wouldn't get it on an ordinary message board. I could understand posting before and after or images that show their progression through a treatment like accutane, but to just post like 10 pictures of themselves in different outfits or poses seems pretty ridiculous..

I suppose there are people that need to feel important, but to have to resort to posting a gallery of self portraits here is pretty weak. To me posting pictures on an acne forum where your skin is 100% clear is just wasting space and bandwidth.

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Guest Shjaker

...-hopes this isnt a crack at her-


I was just proving a webcamic theory!


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I do agree that acne does not show up well on camera in some cases (esp if the camera is shite).

As well, many girls wear makeup to cover up the acne.

In my pictures, I look totally clear!

But that isn't the case at all.

I have a dermatologist.

I have been on Accutane once.

And he is considering putting me on it again if I don't get better.

But I do agree with you.

10+ pictures of yourself in different poses (this is me with my hair up, this is me with my hair down, this is me with my hand up, this is with my hand down) gets to be a bit silly haha.

Oh well.

If it makes you feel better....

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