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kathryns b5 journal

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ok i shall soon be starting b5 in approximately 10 hours time! im excited! k heres my "history":

i am 16 n a half, had acne since 12. varied between mild to moderate i would say. currently vvvvvvvvv mild. ive been on erythromycin antibiotics (no gud) n then a course of diannete (contraceptive pill used for acne). cleared me up but came straight back to haunt me again after i finished the 6 month course. n the doc told me cant use it for long periods. f*ckin doctors lol. u never see them with acne do u? thats y they dont UNDERSTAND evil.gif

so why is she usking b5 u ask? well ive been on dans regimen for nearly a month, cleared me up virtually part from blackheads on nose n the tiniest whiteheads ever. so pretty pleased. BUT my skin is v oily (yes and i use bp lol) and i have enlarged open pores which b5 is supposed 2 help. its no good for me having acne free skin when all i can now see is open pores which in one way r worse for me as u cant hide them with makeup sad.gifninja.gif

sooooooooo my b5 came today from www.rosemaryshealthfoods.co.uk, £20 somethin for 2 bottles of 270 tabs so 540 tabs of 500mg pretty good value i reckon with free delivery. i have decided to start tomoz morning. i read pantho's thread so ill be taking 10 tabs first 3 days then 20 thereafter.

i will try n update this every day or as often as possible. feedback/comments would be appreciated especially from anyone that has/ is using b5 that have both experienced success and failure and any info on initial breakouts side effects e.t.c. would also be great.

so hopefully fingers crossed, ill have crystal clear smooth refined skin within 3 months! biggrin.gifeusa_pray.gif

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