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Minor problems with egg white protein mask

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Hey everyone, I'm having minor problems with the protein mask and was wondering if you guys could maybe help me out.

Anyways, we don't have any eggs in the house, so I went to Vons and I got a little 16 oz. carton of Papetti Foods All Whites 100% Liquid Egg Whites. They're straight liquid egg whites, nothing else. Anyways, they're pasteurized if that matters.

My first question is:

Are liquid egg white's O.K. to use?

My second question is:

It says on the side of the carton "After opening, use within 7 days." I know there is no way I'm going to be able to use 16 oz. of liquid egg whites in 7 days. I'm keeping it refrigerated, but after 7 days am I going to have to throw it away?

I'm also having an extremely hard time "whipping" up these liquid egg whites to make them frothy. I tried putting a tablespoon of the liquid egg whites into a bowl, and using a fork tried to whip it up. First of all, a tablespoon basically doesn't show up in the bowl, and I'm literally just scraping the bottom of the bowl. I end up just shaking the carton which causes it to froth up and then squeezing it onto a tablespoon before applying it to my face.

My third question is:

What is the best method to go about whipping thise liquid egg whites?

After I have the frothed egg whites on the spoon, and all over the bathroom because I shook up the stupid cartoon, I put a couple drops of lemos juice on it. I bought the fake, plastic looking lemons with lemon juice in it.

My fourth and final question is:

Is it O.K. to use that type of lemon juice, not from straight lemons but from those plastic containers?

Go ahead and number each answer if it helps you respond better. Sorry to make this such an exam for you, I promise its easier than midterms. Thanks everyone for helping me out, can't wait to hear from you all.


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Hey. I'll help you out the best i can from what i know from my own experience.

1. Yes, liquid egg whites are ok to use. Some people say they're in fact better than eggs, since there's no waste and it's easier etc.

2. I shouldn't think it matter too much if you don't use the egg whites within 7 days, since it doesn't matter as much, since you're not eating them. However, i would expect the egg whites would lose some of their goodness after this time, and i really wouldn't recommend putting rotten egg on your face. Try to use within a few days of the 7 days.

3. I would say the best way of whipping the egg whites is just beating them with a fork. It's also not too important how much. Sometimes i don't even bother whipping them at all and just lie down so that the mixtures doesn't run down my face. This works just fine smile.gif

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Just a word of caution. Some people found a lot of success with the egg masks while others found everything went okay for the first few weeks-then they broke out in little spots wherever they applied the mask. This was popular a few years back and many people stopped using it because of this.

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I was trying to find the website that I saw last night but I couldn't find it. It said that liquid egg whites last up to 40 days when inh a refrigerator. Mine are refrigerated but I'm still worried because the carton says "Use 7 days after opening."

What is going to be my best bet because 16 oz. is a lot of liquid egg whites to put on my face every 7 days. Do you think I could continue using it after 7 days because its refrigerated?

Also, someone please answer question 4 or you dont get 100%. Thanks lol,


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