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My name is TK, and I have been on accutane for 1 month 40mg a day; and here's the problem.

My first blood test cost my mom $500 out of pocket, because the crappy insurance company didn't pay any of it. Now, mom switched to a new insurance company that would cover 80% of everything, but the new insurance isn't to be activated until Feb 1, and my second blood test is supposed to be done today, which is the 11th. So I called my doc and told him that I couldn't do the test, because I wasn't gonna pay another $500 out of pocket. I tried to convince him to let me do the test after Feb, but he said absolutely not. He said that I HAVE to get the blood work sometime soon, otherwise, I'd have to find a new derm. Why can't he just wait?

So I found another derm who's available on Feb 10th, but the problem is that he's gonna start me all OVER again, which is another 5 months. I've already done 1 month, and I'm thinking about getting my supply from Korea for the second month because I can't live with those giant nodules anymore. Of course, if I told the new doc I got my second month supply from Korea, he would not even take me. So I'm just gonna ask him to start my treatment over again.

If I do the treatment with this new doc, I'd end up with 7 months of accutane in my body. Is that safe? I just can't imagine going the second month without accutane, coz I know I'm gonna break out in golfball-size nodules again. I still have many BTW.

I know that what I wrote is not lucid or coherent; and I apologize.

Here's the question: "Do you think that it's safe to take accutane for 7 months?"

And please share your thoughts on my situation. What would you do if you were I? (I don't talk like this BTW, LOL)

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If I were you I would do this

1. This month ( and this month only eusa_shhh.gif ) get the accutane from internet

2. Go to the new derm next month as planned next month

3. Tell him that you already completed 2 months treatment with another derm, but changed derms due to some reasons which he need not know about.

So your second derm will not restart you, he will take into account your previous 2 months and adjust your course accordingly.

The only thing you would get out of this situation is 500 bucks. If somehow you manage to cough it up then get your blood test as you did last time, which is by paying 500 bucks, go back to your current derm and get the medicine the "right" way and then you can still do 2 and 3 from the above list after you get the new insurance as you have already planned.

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Where do I tell my second derm I got my second month supply from? Do they ask you detailed questions? Will they ask me for a file or something? So I can just tell my first derm that I'm quitting and get a release form signed? Then get the second month supply somehow and after the month is over go to the new derm and just tell him that I'd been on tane for 2 months?

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I have no idea what release form you are talking about .

But tell your second derm exactly what you did and how much pills you took etc so that he knows what to do for the future course.

In short tell him everything you did .It is none of his business what you did before you came to his clinic anyway, so he is not going to get mad at you or anything, but that info will make him give you the right dosage, do the right tests etc...

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tk - check the community pages in the phone book for places labled something like "family health center" or "community health facility". Some of them do low cost medical tests as a service to the community. They are usually in poorer neighborhoods and if you explain your financial situation and how your insurance doesn't cover anything you might be able to get a low cost test. I went to one while I was on Accutane and they supplied me with an exam and 6 months of BC pills for $30.

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