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Stop punishing yourself

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Some people on here think that if they have acne, it's because they're doing something wrong, so they make up unnecessary restrictions for themselves, and feel guilty when they can't follow them.

Make decisions that improve the quality of your life, as opposed to making it miserable. Never tell yourself you absolutely can't eat something. I believe certain foods cause acne, but I still eat a little bit of them once in a while, and I don't feel bad about it. If I want to eat something, I'm entitled to have it. And for godsakes, don't believe the people who say masturbation causes acne.

I would rather have a little acne, and make small restrictions here and there, than completely exclude certain things I like from my lifestyle in order to completely get rid of acne.

Make acne treatments a supplement to your life, not a substitute for it.

Blocked pores cause acne. People might talk about other factors like bacteria etc. but the bottom line is: if the pores are clear, no acne will form.

There are 2 ways to clean the pores: from the outside, and from the inside. From the outside, you can clear away the dead skin by any method you like. From the inside, the only way to do it is to sweat: gym, sauna.

In addition to cleaning your pores from the inside and outside, you may choose to use B5 or BP in order to lessen oil production and kill bacteria.

clean pores (internal and external) + less oil (internal) + less bacteria (internal and external) = less acne

if you find products / lifestyle choices for all 5 parameters, you will get rid of acne.

It's like playing mastermind: you have 10 numbers, and 4 spaces, and you need to find the right combination and right numbers to fit into the spaces.

There is some combination of products out there which will clear your acne. All you have to do is try everything in an intelligent way, and give products time to work, and write down the progress and results. That's it. Good luck.

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I like my new diet. I don't consider it punishing myself at all. Ever since I went on this 'no-acne' diet, other problems have dissapeared as well. I had muscle pain, headaches, allergies, stuffy nose each night, catarh. I would get colds ALL the time, I felt like crap a lot, I was depressed, I was tired all the time and slept ungodly hours. Now that's all gone.

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Yeah that's always a good thing.

You can always settle for a little sugar / junk food here and there, but in moderation, like twice a month, or less..

1. healthy eating

2. exercise

3. stress-free lifestyle (however impossible)

4. water

5. acne medications

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