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My Regimen Report

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Well firstly i am no stranger to BP, Ive been used it for ages before I even started dans method.

anyway i got some of his BP and have been strictly following it since sunday (3 days in total). In all honestly, all that I am doing differently than i used to do is using a 2.5% bp instead of 5% and also i am putting the BP on at the start of the day. I used to only put it on at nighttime.

Well what can I say at day 3? Not much really. Ive had several new spots appear. A few have been simply whitehead affairs which I dont care too much about. But i have had some more red pustule type spots appear which annoy me eusa_wall.gif

Ever since xmas I have had a patch on my left check flare up. Its the size of a 2p coin but its always so red and i have had a few spots appear in the area.

Besides this, I have cut out all fizzy drinks, no fast food (well i had some burgers but no chips etc) and have not eaten any sweats or snacks.

Im a little dissapointed to be honest, but im just thinking maybe the junk food binge i had over xmas/new year is still in the system and is causing a few problems since my diet seems to affect my acne.

Hopefully when i next update, it will perhaps be a bit better.

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well 3-4 days have passed now. It started getting a little better, but now i have several spots apppear. Im not sure if its making it worse or what...

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