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i've concured my acne problems, but now i'm left with the after effects of it. I have really flaky skin, a very uneven skin tone where it's red in spots and normal in other spots. Everynight i shower and wash my face with DOVE soap. This REALLY dries out my skin ( i can't move my mouth after and if i do you'll really see a lot of dry flaky skin). I've been constantly doing this night after night for the past 2-3 months, because i haven't really broken out since i've started washing my face with dove and i'm afraid to stop using it.

So, anyways in the morning i wash my face with cold water and the apply emu oil face cream. This does a really good job in moisturizing my face, but i just can't seem to get rid of my flaky/orange peel looking skin or my blotchy tone. My complexion to say the least is terrible. I've tried using 40% lactic acid peel and all it does for me is make my skin smoother to the touch. I've also tried using copper peptides and that didn't go so well either.

Do i need to "shed" my skin??? grow a new layer of skin to get back my smooth looking skin??? Or is it because i'm applying moisturizer ON TOP of my already flaky skin so i'm somewhat trapping it???????

Just looking for some help here, and i'm sure a lot of you have had my problem. If you know of some solutions, please help me out.



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What you need to do is get a good moisturizer that will restore the moisture balance of your skin.

"Shedding" or exfoliating your skin is just about the worst thing you could do right now. When your skin flakes, it's because it's so dry that the top layers are dried coming off prematurely in clumps. When you exfoliate or use a peel on any kind of dry skin, not only are you forcing off that layer, you're probably going underneath to rip out skin that isn't due to come to the surface, let alone shed for days! OUCH!

If you're not using Eucerin Skin Renewal + SPF 15 right now, IMO that'll be the best way to restore your moisture.

And quite frankly, I do like cleansers that dry out my skin. Makes the BP gel absorb better. rolleyes.gif But you MUST moisturize properly afterwards so your skin is comfortable again.

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i do moisturize it everyday in the morning with purple emu face cream. It does a great job, but it doesn't seem to make my skin Smooth to the LOOK. To the touch, my face feels amazing, but when you look at it, you want to just take a cheese grater and take all the skin away.

My derm told me it looks fine, but that dumb bitch doesn't know what the hell she's talking about because it is FARRRRRRRR from fine. I wish i could show you guys a picture but i don't have a camera.

Oh also, if i stretch my face it looks smoother and the red marks fade too. MAybe i need some sort of lift???

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