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Is Carely's Smooth and Clear worth it???? PLEASE HELP!!!

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ok, i dont have many pimples or red marks. I just need something that will get rid of these frickin pimples. I have been using aqua glycolic face cream (glycolic acid) and it has helped fade the red marks, but i still get those damn pimples that turn into ugly white heads. So, do you think that Carley's smooth and clear will be right for me? I like that fact that the bottle is just huge (16oz) and its only $18! anyways, I need some help! peace

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yes, the carley's line is MORE than worth the small amount of cash...when i began using it it worked alright until i started to use it twice a day instead of once...i also use their finishing soap for my body and my face if i need to wash in the middle of the day, like after a workout...

i have mild to moderate acne, depending on my body's mood, that loves to play the whitehead game, but using carley's and jojoba oil i've become spoiled...if i see a extremely tiny pimple i'm like "damn't" but then i laugh because i remember the time when i would've killed for a small pimple every three or four weeks...

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Just wanted to let you know that I recently started using Carley's and it's really good for the price. It'll take you about a few weeks to see results and when you just begin in the evening, your face might be a little bit red and irritated, but this should usually calm down in a few days. So go easy and use very small amounts in the beginning.

I've tried other expensive products in the past like MD Forte and the custom Bellevoir line, but this cleanser's better than both those.

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i've tried it too but i didn't have good results w/ it. most people get it off ebay & that's where i got mine. i admit, i was impressed cos it really sounded good but sadly it was the worst thing i've ever used. it smelled nice & was a huge bottle but it felt so rough going on & left my face redder than a baboon's ass. it's weird cos normally my skin tolerates bp well but i don't know what went wrong. anyway, i couldn't leave it on for more than a minute, it stung so bad. i was so disappointed that i had just wasted more money on a crock that i forgot i could have gotten my money back & by the time i remembered it it was already in the dump truck. if you're not sensitive to bp it might be fine for u but if u get it, rub easy.

btw, i noticed you're using aqua glycolic face cream & i'm fixing to buy it but if u know, could u tell me if it might help blotchiness? i have mild/moderate bump acne on my forehead, sides of neck & also sides of face. they're not true zits, just little red bumps. sometimes they're veryp ainful & some r bigger than others. my t-zone is somewhat oily but i have a couple dry patches by my mouth. i don't really mind the acne but i hate the redness on my forehead cos i'm fair-skinned & red & white don't mix. sorry for the brain dump. good luck in whatever u try :P

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Carley's has been working great for me for over a year. I usually use it in the morning only. Carley's also sells natural finishing soap that is really great for your face and your hair.

My routine is as follows:


-Lather with Carley's finishing soap then shave with the Norelco Advantage

-Shower and wash face with Carley's Clear & Smooth for about 1 minute

-Apply Clindamycin gel

-Apply Eucerin Renewal for the face

-Take one Keflex oral antibiotic


-Wash with either Carley's finishing soap, Alphahydrox face wash, or Carley's Clear & Smooth depending on what I feel like using

-Apply Differin gel

-Take one Keflex oral antibiotic

I have also recently found an extremely gentle lactic acid toner from Eucerin. I don't even see it on their website, but I found it in my local Jewel/Osco.

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