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Perception of acne depends on your surroundings?

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Interesting thought.. what you think about yourself is caused almost 100% by people around you. There are people with mild acne, freaking out about it, and others have severe cysts, and they couldn't care less.

In highschool I had severe acne, but I didn't really care too much about it. I had no idea that I was supposed to feel bad, or ashamed, or whatever. No one had ever made a comment about it, because I went to a small private school where everyone was smart and helpful. People treated everyone with respect.

One day, a friend of mine gave me some advice on treating acne, then my parents, and another time, a guy on the train. They all meant well, but somehow, just from those incidents, I became more concious about my appearance. It also inspired me to find my cure for acne, but my self-confidence went down.

so.. do you think it's better to have acne and not know that it's a problem, or cure your acne, but still feel bad about your appearance?

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not know its a problem, but when ppl tell u to buy clearasil u figure out its a problem

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Guest OnlyJoe

lol when people tell you to buy clearasil its even more aparent there ignorant.... then again ignorance is bliss

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What really influenced me in highschool was another kid who had severe acne. We had swimming lessons ever week, and his entire face and back was covered in cysts. I myself had mild/moderate-ish acne; but never saw it as a problem.

Anyway, I often overheard people talking behind the kids back, about how horrible his acne was, and I guess that made me really self-concious about my own acne. I couldn't ever let it get as far as his.

I guess I've been obsessed with it ever since.

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