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Regimen / followed with a few twists.

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ok here goes!

The regimen is actually working.

Some background on me: I'm a half asian 27 year old professional female.

I've used the following treatments in the past starting when I was 14:

Age 14+:

Over the counter cremes.

Age 16 & 20:



Age 22: Minocycline (had an allergic reaction of tunnel syndrome)



Age 23: Proactive

Age 25: Accutane (left me with irreversible digestive damage)

After Accutane I had to drastically change my diet. Now I am a vegetarian

(ovo semi lacto) and consume psyllium husks and active cultures to promote

a healthy colon (read up on acne cures at curezone.org). I cut out

caffeine and consume tons of flax seed. This adheres to the Perricone

Perscription. I have the books and some tapes. It's a great way to live

but did jack for my skin condition.

I started using a face lotion with tea tree oil in it and stopped using it

when I started this regimen. The really bad breakouts happened within the

past 6 months. My face was riddled with huge cysts under the skin. Some

were hard and would not surface for months. The acne had progressed to

what is known as "adult acne" and exists mainly along my jaw line.

It was effecting me terribly, and caused a really bad depression. I would

choose to not socialize or go out just to avoid people having to see my


So this past weekend I discovered the acne.org regimen. Here is my

experience with it.

Happy New Year 2005!!!

[day 1 friday Jan 7th] -

Read up about the regimen on the site and decided to go out and buy some bp. They only had 10% in any brand, and did not have the neutrogena on the

spot. So I bought the cheapest generic brand (Giant's store brand) BP

that came in a large tube. $4.

I also picked up moisturizer. The Cetaphil moisturizer had a generic copy

brand, which was also from Giant. That cost about 4 dollars as well.

And as a toner I read on another site that Apple Cider Vinegar does

wonders with exfoliation and balancing ph levels. So I picked up a bottle

of Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. $3.

BP - $4.00

Moisturizer - $4.00

+ Vinegar - $3.00


total - $11.00

I already had an oatmeal natural soap that I used on my face. The brand

name was Grandpa's - oatmeal natural mild soap. I bought it at a local

whole foods market for about $3.00.

That night I went home and washed my face.

I took out a cotton ball and poured some vinegar onto it. I wiped my

whole face down and wow did it burn!!! I let that sit there for 10

minutes. Then rinsed. Patted face dry, then waited another 5 minutes

before applying bp.

I put a small pea sized drop of BP onto my "palette" which was basically a

wide flat piece of plastic. Then I dropped about a 1/4 tsp of water onto

the BP. I mixed this solution up good with my finger and then applied it

to my face much like the description given from the Regiment. Lightly and

slowly to work it into my skin. I used more of the same recipe if I ran


After done applying the BP to affected areas, I took the skin creme and

lathered my whole face and neck in the moisturizer.

Then I went to bed.

*sleep tip*

To sleep without getting my face smooshed into a pillow I slept on my

back. To keep my body on my back, I put a pillow under my knees. This

works AMAZING for me. I woke up on my back still, and I actually felt

better rested than normal. Crazy.

[day 2 - Saturday Jan 8th]

I woke up and my face had busted out in whiteheads all over the place.

Everywhere that there had been a cyst or nodule was coming to a head. I

noticed however that there were no more new cysts. This was a VERY good

sign. The pimple on my top right cheek under my eye was still big and red

but the swelling seemed to go away a bit. It might have something to do

with my ice cube treatment. Not sure.

I washed my face in the morning and put on moisturizer. Then went to

Aikido to work out a bit. Since I can't go out without make up on, I put

on some of my Bare Minerals foundation. When I came home I performed my

apple cider vinegar toner, and then the regiment after washing the sweat

from my face.

I put on makeup again so I could go out and face the world. The

whiteheads by the end of the day became tight and the redness went down.

I did the whole process again before going to bed.

[day 3 - Sunday Jan 9th]

Woke up and wow did my face look better already.

The white heads were still there but less prominent. I had to use

everything in my to NOT pick at them. I did break down and mess with one

or two of the really close to bursting ones. Sorry to be so gross!!! I

think one of the reasons my skin WAS so bad was because I couldn't resist

messing with it.

I performed the vinegar, regiment, and lotion. But put on NO makeup that

day. I stayed home and cleaned and found things to do in the house. At

night I cleaned up and then went to bed.

[day 4 - Monday Jan 10th]

Finally the day to go back to work. I woke up and looked in the mirror.

My face was looking CLEARer!!! All of the whiteheads had gone down in

size, they were still there but way way less prominent. I also noticed

that no new cysts were forming. Behind my chin on the right side was a

big cyst that was all filled with fluid. I could move the fluid back and

forth. It was so tempting to pop it but I held myself back.

The vinegar in the morning really made my skin BURN. when I put on the BP

later my whole face got red. Which concerned me a little bit. It took

about an hour for the redness to completely dissapear. You could see it

even if I had makeup on.

At work I checked on my skin all day long, but did not touch my face at

work. It takes a lot of work to consciously NOT touch. I automatically

do it when I'm stressed out. And I get stressed on a daily basis.

[day 5- Tuesday Jan 11th]

This morning was amazing. I asked my husband to run his hands along my

cheek. It was feeling really smooth despite the tiny bumps all over. At

least there was no lumpy swollen redness anymore and no more giant


The vinegar burned bad again but the redness went away before I dried my

hair. I think I just have to give it more time in between vinegar and BP.

I might even start diluting the vinegar just like I dilute the BP.

I put on my makeup again but wow, I feel fantastic. I was in such a good

mood coming to work and pulled my hair off of my face. It's amazing how

appearance can have such a devastating effect on your attitude and

happiness levels. wink.gif

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user posted image

This was my skin on New Years eve (10 days ago). I had makeup on and you can still see the red all over my jaw line. Those are all cysts. Sorry that this photo was so blurry. I wish (and sorta dont wish) I had better photos to show.

I hate seeing myself like this.

I'll take a photo tonight to show the improvement.

Sorry I don't really have any good before and after photos sad.gif

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man my face is all itchy.

Last night I noticed that my skin is really dry around underneath my lips. I lathered on the moisturizer but when I woke up this morning it was peeling and really dry again. It's only in this area too. I'm going to have to use less of the BP in this area. The rest of my face is doing GREAT though. I can see all of the spots. Red and dark brown are showing up, but I can easily cover them with makeup. It's great. I felt so great today that I put on a bright yellow shirt to work!!! Everyone noticed and was saying how great it is that I"m not wearing all black. I typically am drawn to black business clothes.

Anyhow, my face is itchy in the dryer parts. I already have makeup on and can't put on moisturizer over it. Otherwise I would!!! And it's only 9:42 in the morning!!!!! >_<

I have to wait till 6pm sad.gif

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hi, i noticed you're using 10% bp...umm, ouch! switch to 2.5% asap! i know it's going to be more expensive and all but shit is it worth it. less irritation, less redness, less itching, less dryness....and just as effective as 2.5%. try it, you won't regret it....

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Just a thought.. if they only sell 10% BP at your store go out and buy some 100% Aloe Vera Gel, then you can dilute it to 2.5% BP with aloe vera. This is the same as dans bp... hope it helps. And good luck with the regimen, i myself find that when i use bp i break out in cysts... ouch! eusa_doh.gif

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[day 12] January 18th.

for a couple of days there my skin was erupting with more breakouts, but I noticed that there were new ones, these breakouts were hiding under the skin for a while before.

The one under my eye is completely gone, all that is left is a slightly dark dot that you can barely see. I am LOVING this regiment. I love the Aloe recommendation but I haven't found any yet in the stores. I have to check out my local health food store ... they have that stuff there.

By being able to experiment with the 10% bp, I am able to mix and dilute to the degree that I need on my face. I am using a very high dilution across the board with the full face and neck. but if I notice one big breakout, I can zap it faster with a higher concentration on the spot. I dont go too high, just a little bit more than usual.

I can't believe it. My skin isn't painful anymore. I have three bumps that are raised high enough to really piss me off. The rest are flat and tiny baby pimples that you can't see unless you are really up close.

the dry skin factor dissapeared when I started using Eucerin. I noticed that it's difficult to put on my powder makeup after putting on face lotion.

So I wait another 10 minutes till the lotion is no longer greasy and then I apply makeup.

This has caused a schedule change for me because it takes me longer to get ready in the morning. THerefore, I get up earlier. This is a GOOD thing because i find that since I have all that free time waiting for my face to dry, I actually get things done that I didnt get done before.


so far, so good.

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[day 14] - woke up this morning and noticed my left side of my face is clear and the right side is filled with pustules.

I broke down and was popping some. I can't help it!!! (>_<) it's like the damn thing is screaming at me and I have to stop it. I can't explain it. It's a horrible feeling. It's not like I don't know that its going to make it worse... I jsut can't hold myself back.

So anyhow, I sleep on my right side, so tonight I'm going to try and switch sides with my husband so I'll be forced to stop sleeping on my right side. The zits are out of control on that side. They have formed colonies in little clusters. bah... so depressing. I have on so much makeup today that I look like my face is all one lumpy color. So sad sad.gif

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