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It seems as though I am in a bit of a situation here. Almost every moisturizer I've tried breaks me out, so moisturizers are not an option. My face has been breaking out pretty bad recently and I need to dry my face out to get rid of some white heads, but when my face dries out, it's like a really deep type of dryness and takes a couple of days to exfoliate it all completely. Whilst my face is trying to get rid of the dead skin, topicals can't get past the dead skin. So in the couple days that my face is peeling it's like the topicals arn't getting into my pores, so I break out more. I'm in the second cycle of this, but my face is back to normal, just have some whiteheads I want to get rid of again, wondering if I should dry them out, or not.

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You didn't mention what kind of topicals you're applying. And you said topicals, plural, which maybe an exacerbant.

If I were you (and this may or may not be suitable for you), I would reduce the application either to once a day, if you're applying it twice daily; or every other day, or just use less on a daily basis. There may still be some dryness. I apply bp once overnight, and I wake up to very dry skin.

I understand that moisturizers break you out. I don't know if you can tolerate it, or what your skin condition is, but I would try a lotion with an AHA. I find, despite what seems like oily content, sunscreens are the most effective moisturizers, even if it's not their intended purpose. I would still try and find a moisturizer, because it sounds like whatever topical you need will continue to dry out your skin. I also would not try to dry out whiteheads. It's probably better to try and prevent them from occurring, because ultimately, once they're noticeable, it will take time for them to heal.

I have oily skin which becomes very dry and flaky with bp, and I use moisturizers like Moisturel and Neutrogena Dry-Touch sunblock. The thing is, all that dryness that you're experiencing may be contributing to your acne, because you're skin is making a comeback, so to speak, fighting it with oil with resulting acne.

Have you tried any Neutrogena moisturizers, with or without SPF? They absorb so well and I find give a nice finish to my skin (which otherwise looks awful, take my word for it).

This is going to take some experimenting, I'm afraid. eusa_think.gif

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I'm using ProActiv, but my skin was getting really dry when I was using the sulfur mask and the second step (I usually only use the 1st and 3rd). I cut out the 2nd step as I see no use for it, and it makes me flake (good for redmarks though, but I think it makes me breakout more). The 1st and 3rd step don't make me dry out but I've been breaking out a lot lately and I want to do something about it.

I know preventing white heads would be the best solution, hence why I'm here trying to get rid of them. After they're already formed though, drying them out and popping them is what I do. They leave nasty red marks but I can't go walking around with huge poppoble white heads on my face, can I?

So you think I should add in the second step and let it dry my face out but try different moisturizers?

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100% aloe vera, had some flakes, put it on at night, in the morning i have such smooth skin..

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