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Help Just started on my Antiboitic and My Topical.

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Whats up guys i just went to the Derm last week. Because ever since the winter has started my acne has gotten moderate on both sides of my lower cheeks. I cant figure it out. Little red bumps and irratation. I think my Derm said that i have a cystic acne. My forehead and under my eyes seem to be doing fine though. Well she wanted to put me on Accutane, Erthromycin, and Cleocin T topical lotion. After me and my mom read over the Accutane book they gave us i think we decided to try the Cleocin and the Ertho and see what it does. Acuutane seems to be very serious. I forgot to ask about Benzyol Peroxide but she didnt mention so i guess that is not what she wants me on. I also got a special sensitive skin blue wash and a ultra light hydrator. What do you guys think the Ertho and the Cleocin T does it work. I really want to clear my skin up. She also told me its gonna almost look worse when i starte on my stuff. But its only my body getting use to the drugs. Anybody have any luck on Ertho or Cleocin T? Have long am i gonna have to wait to see some kind of improvment?? And with the Cleocin it says to apply a thin layer to the affected area. I just use my clean washed hands. Is it better to use a kind of pad of some sort. ITs such a shame i have this acne ive always been told i have a beautiful face very handsome. I just cant wait till i can clear this stuff up. Its kinda making me shy. I wanna go back to my outgoing self lol cool.gif By the way i am 20. Could this acne be caused by late hormones or something?? I was a pretty late bloomer. I still really dont get much hair on my face could this be some kind of stage i really hope so. THanks guys.

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Well i started taking erthromyacin and using the cleocin T lotion on sunday. As well as the sensitive skin wash they gave me and my ultralight moisturizer. And honestly i can see a diffrence and its only wed. I had acne on both sides of my lower cheeks and jaw lines in like a patch cluster form. The red marks are still showing a bit but the red is getting dull and looks to be fading. Also what was bumps are now very much strunk. Still a bit bumpy but a big diffrence. I was unsure how Cleocin T would work compared to benzoyle peroxide but so far so good. Have never used either yet. But the derm perscribed me this so. Maybe the wash they gave me is helping to compared to the harsh deep pore cleaners i was using. When i apply the cleocin T lotion to the affected area it gets red but then a little while later settles in nice and redness fades. Especially after i apply the moisturizer. Also my face has never felt so nice i have never used moisturizer on my face before. Maybe that is also making a diffrence. My acne really came on when the weather changed. Im sure it will take a while for the affected area to disapear but im glad its not so red. Im hoping by week 3 i will see a drastic diffrence. My right side was worse then my left. And the less worse side is looking really good. The rest of my face where there is no acne just some blemishes is looking good also. My skin was dull and kinda more pale then usual looking. IT now looks nice like a nice healthing looking tan like in summer . Man did my face need moisture. I guess winter really dried me out. I hope it contiunes to get better. cool.gif The derm also said to go on accutane. But my mom said see how this works before cause she didnt like the side affects. I really hope i dont need the accutane. biggrin.gif Ill see how it looks in 4 weeks. cool.gif

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